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Netflix is starting to roll out a new technology that vastly improves the colors you see in its shows and movies.
It’s called Netflix “HDR,” which stands for “high dynamic range,” a term that is most common in photography.
HDR basically ensures you’re seeing extremely accurate colors that have a higher range. So instead of a ray of sunlight appearing washed out and white, you’re able to notice the orange and yellow hues instead.
So far, “Marco Polo” is the only show to take advantage of this technology, but Netflix will be making 150 hours worth of shows and movies available by the end of 2016.
Here’s an example of the difference HDR can make. Below you can see a comparison between a non-HDR photo on the left, and an HDR photo on the right. While the differences are subtle, you should be able to notice the mountains and skyline in the HDR photo are less washed out:

Netflix considers HDR to be a “perfect complement” to 4K (ultra-HD) video, Engadget reports.
While 4K offers more pixels, HDR offers better pixels that have greater depth, and on HDR screens you get brighter highlights, more detail in dark scenes, and a wider color range that more closely matches the real world,” Netflix said in a statement
One big caveat? You’ll have to be subscribed to the ultra-HD plan and have “have a 2016 Dolby Vision or HDR-enabled television from the top TV manufacturers” in order to watch HDR movies and shows, according to Netflix.
Here are the titles that you’ll be able to watch in HDR.
Netflix description: The orphaned Baudelaire children face trials, tribulations, and the evil Count Olaf, all in their quest to uncover the secret of their parents. death.
Netflix description: When the black sheep son of a respected family threatens to expose dark secrets from their past, sibling loyalties are put to the test.
Netflix description: Find out what’s inside the kitchens and minds of six international culinary stars in this Netflix original six-part docu-series.
Netflix description: A dramatic series about friendship and conflict between two comedians who search for meaning in life and comedy. Based on the prize-winning book.
Netflix description: A hero rises to save a world that’s also a spaceship under siege by an alien threat in this original anime series based on the popular magna comic.
Netflix description: Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.
Netflix description: “Marvel’s Iron Fist” follows Super Hero and martial arts master Danny Rand in the upcoming live-action series.
Netflix description: Haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gifts as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen.
Netflix description: In this Marvel live action series, a street-fighting ex-con battles crime on the streets of New York as the Super Hero, Luke Cage.
Netflix description: “Marvel’s The Defenders” brings together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage in an epic Super Hero team-up in New York City.
Netflix description: The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.
Netflix description: When his outlaw dad is kidnapped, Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn sets off across the West on a rescue mission with five brothers he never knew he had.
Additional reporting by Steven Tweedie.
Disclosure: Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Business Insider’s parent company, Axel Springer, is a Netflix board member.
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