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Daily Coffee News Staff | April 5, 2023
coffee drinking trends
Patterns in daily coffee consumption among all age groups have largely realigned with pre-pandemic levels, according to the latest National Coffee Data Trends (NCDT) report from the United States National Coffee Association.
The trade group has been commissioning the study, which it dubs “The Atlas of American Coffee,” since 1950, providing data on consumption trends across numerous demographics related to overall consumption, drink types, preparation methods, home vs. out-of-home consumption, consumer sentiments and more.
The latest report, which is available to NCA members and non-members for $499 and $1,499, respectively, was drawn from surveys of a nationally representative group of more than 1,500 participants age 18 and over, each of whom reported drinking something other than tap water within the past day.
Here are some of the big takeaways:
Past-Day Coffee Consumption is Up
Among all participants, the number who reported drinking coffee within the past day was 65%, which compares to 62% in the 2020 report that narrowly predated the COVID-19 pandemic. For the sake of further comparison, the number was 62% in 2017 and 61% in 2014.
Among all respondents, 61% reported drinking traditional coffee — defined by the NCA as “not brewed from premium whole beans or ground varieties” — within the past week, while 52% reported having “specialty” coffee within the past week.
Younger Adults Leading Coffee Consumption Increases
The highest increase in the newest report was seen in adults age 25-39, where 5% more indicated drinking coffee within the past day. Past-day consumption among 18-24-year-olds and 40-59-year-olds remained relatively stable (47% and 67%, respectively) while it increased 1.5% for the 60+ group, to 69%.
At-Home Consumption Remains Above Pre-Pandemic Levels
Among all past-day coffee drinkers, 83% reported having coffee at home, up by 4% since January 2020. Conversely, 35% reported having coffee prepared away from home, down from 41% in January 2020.
Three-Way Tie for Favorite Cafe Beverage
Three “specialty coffee” beverages landed in a three-way tie among all past-day coffee drinkers, with straight espresso, latte and cappuccino each tallying 16%. Those were followed by mocha (11%), Americano (11%), macchiato (8%) and flat white (4%).
Single-Serve No Longer Skyrocketing
Among home brewers, drip coffee makers remained the most popular brewing method (41%). The second most popular home brewer type was single-serve machines (28%). By comparison, single-serve machine were most used by home drinkers at a similar rate (27%) as far back as 2015.
More information on the Spring 2023 NCDT report can be found here.
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Daily Coffee News Staff

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