A secret 4,500-year-old chamber has been discovered inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt… – The Sun

IMAGES of 4,500-year-old chamber inside one of the famous Great Pyramids in Egypt have been revealed.
The secret passageway is around 30feet long and more than six feet wide – but where it leads to remains a mystery.
The discovery was revealed as part of the Scan Pyramids project which began in 2015.
Researchers have been using high-tech equipment, like radars and radiography, to get X-ray images of the ancient structures.
The corridor is close to the main entrance of the Great Pyramid in Giza – but it cannot be accessed from outside the structure.
The discovery has left archaeologists baffled.
“We knew the cavity was there, but of course it’s totally different when you see it,” chief physicist and co-author on the project, Sebastien Procureur, told New Scientist.
“We felt strange when we saw this. It’s a controversial opinion, but I’m relieved the cavity was empty.
"I wouldn’t have liked to participate in opening a tomb.”
Scan Pyramids is a collaboration between institutions in Egypt, France, and Japan, all trying to gain a deeper understanding of the Great Pyramid – the largest out of the trio.
There are several theories as to what the void could have been designed for.
It could lead to a tomb, gold or it could simply be just for storage.
Some say the cavity may have even been a necessary part of constructing the pyramid.
It's not the first time the project has made such a discovery.
In 2021, Scan Pyramids researchers uncovered a large cavity in the Great Pyramid.
"One theory is that it may be the real tomb of a pharaoh," Procureur told the Naked Scientists podcast at the time.
"There's an interesting theory also which says it might be a second Grand Gallery. And in this theory actually the Grand Gallery was used to put the granite stones of the King's Chamber.
"Maybe a second Grand Gallery was required to put the highest stone of the King's Chamber."
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