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Lily is a Senior Editor at BizTech Magazine. She follows tech trends and the IT leaders who shape them — reporting on entrepreneurial business, security and thought leadership. 

Lily is a Senior Editor at BizTech Magazine. She follows tech trends and the IT leaders who shape them — reporting on entrepreneurial business, security and thought leadership. 
On Aug. 8, hundreds of experts, IT decision-makers and line-of-business professionals will gather for Black Hat USA 2023, the largest cybersecurity conference happening this year. The event marks its 26th year as a hub for the latest on information security risks, research and cyber trends.
Hosted in Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center, this in-person event brings together the brightest minds in the industry to cover everything from critical information infrastructure to widely used enterprise computer systems, the latest in automated SecOps research and vulnerability threat testing strategies.
The conference offers a mix of keynote sessions, briefings and panels, where speakers will share real problems and tested solutions for the public and private sectors.
Here are some of the highlights that attendees can expect, whether attending in person or virtually.
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In a keynote session with Maria Markstedter, founder of Azeria Labs, audiences will learn how artificial intelligence is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape, forcing IT leaders to plan further ahead with predictive analytics and deploy defensive measures.
Kemba Walden, acting national cyber director in the White House’s Office of the National Cyber Director, will discuss the national cybersecurity agenda set forth by the recently released National Cybersecurity Strategy. And Jason Healey, senior research scholar at Columbia University’s School for International and Public Affairs, will discuss how to make national security objectives fit into your organization.
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From phishing to malware and ransomware, there’s a sophisticated playbook hackers routinely draw from to invade IT systems. Knowing these routes of entry will help IT leaders become better equipped to defend against these threats.
Experts including Jon Oberheide, cybersecurity adviser and co-founder and former CTO of Duo Security; Jeremiah Salzberg, chief security technologist at CDW; Kevin Casson, vice president of national security solutions at CDW; and Aaron Canchola, security solutions architect at CDW, will discuss the importance of penetration and vulnerability threat testing. 
Speakers will also share other proactive measures organizations can take at the enterprise level, like running routine checks on your database to build a zero-trust, cyber-defensive workforce.
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Experts including Bill Demirkapi, security researcher at the Microsoft Security Response Center; Olivier Bilodeau, cybersecurity research director at GoSecure; and Andréanne Bergeron, cybersecurity researcher at GoSecure, will discuss a new paradigm in system defense grounded in resilience.
This emerging trend involves a combination of faster automated operations, adherence to privacy regulations and design-based solutions so vulnerabilities are detected sooner.
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Black Hat USA 2023 will also cover the rise in phishing attacks. Research fellows at Harvard University including Fredrik Heiding and Bruce Schneier, along with MIT security guru Jeremy Bernstein, will share how hackers design phishing emails using a handful of general rules they have gleaned from experience.
Plus, get best practices for detecting phishing attacks, including ways to identify them in your email and network so you can stop attacks in their tracks. The conference promises a robust, informative program with heavy-hitter keynotes and over 100 briefing sessions.
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