Bending the trends to promote health and well-being: a strategic … – World Health Organization

In the rapidly changing world of the twenty-first century, this strategic foresight on the future of health promotion aims to inform future planning of the World Health Organization in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Thirteenth General Programme of Work, and the Implementation Framework for the Third Billion Target of the WHO Thirteenth General Programme of Work (to be published in 2022) in relation to health promotion, sustainability and enhanced wellbeing. The strategic foresight conducted from August to November 2020 provides an analysis of health-promotion system capacity models and a horizon-scanning of global trends. In the time of COVID-19, the proposals in this foresight are more prominent than ever. The pandemic has highlighted the need for more substantial investment in health promotion as a mindset, and professional capacity and practice supported by relevant digital infrastructure. Political instability needs global health diplomacy to sustain peace and security. A call is made for a global action plan to support countries to enhance health and well-being through health promotion.


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