Bill Gates predicts the end of Google and Amazon – AS USA

Prominent tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Spotify, among others, may face an imminent demise as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, according to Bill Gates. Speaking at the AI Forward 2023 event, organized by Goldman Sachs and SV Angel, on May 21 in San Francisco, California, the Microsoft co-founder expressed his concerns regarding the future impact of AI.
Gates predicted that AI would eventually possess the capability to comprehend human thought patterns, needs, and emotions, thereby revolutionizing user behavior and rendering numerous tools and websites obsolete.
Gates emphasized the transformative potential of AI by stating, “You’ll never go to a search site again, you’ll never go to a productivity site again, you’ll never go to Amazon again.” He further noted that the ongoing competition among major technology companies centers around who will emerge victorious in developing the ultimate “personal agent” powered by AI.
The battle for supremacy in AI tool development is currently led by Google’s upcoming project, Bard, touted as an alternative to ChatGPT, and Microsoft’s Bing search engine, coupled with their investments in AI developers such as OpenAI, the entity behind ChatGPT.
Gates, buoyed by Microsoft’s substantial financial investments in ChatGPT’s creator, remains optimistic about Microsoft’s chances of prevailing in the pursuit of the aforementioned “personal agent.” He expressed his expectations by stating, “I would be disappointed if Microsoft didn’t step in, although I’m impressed with a couple of new companies, including Inflection,” highlighting his continued faith in his company’s prospects.
You’ll never go to a Google search site again. You’ll never go to Amazon: Bill Gates
Microsoft has introduced the ChatGPT tool to the Bing search engine as well as the Edge browser, marking a significant advantage over Google and Firefox. The company also plans to introduce artificial intelligence into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
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