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Are they giving these overwhelmed departments more or less funding?
More UFO hearings.
Got nothing to do with the conservatives, and everything to do with the liberals and ndp.

Are they giving these overwhelmed departments more or less funding?

Are they giving these overwhelmed departments more or less funding?
Money has never even been a consideration for this government. Our PM believes, and I quote, “the budget will balance itself”.
They also threatened to cancel insurance for any truckers involved essentially destroying their livelihood.… []
Good. Those convoy occupation criminals deserve the full force of the law coming down on them.
Breaking the law has consequences. My shocked face.
So let me get this straight. Trudeau used the Emergencies Act which was enacted in 1988 to freeze bank accounts of people that funded a criminal organization?
So. Beyond public mischief that the leaders were charged with and havent been convicted of nor had a trial yet, but were kept in jail with no parole for months on end..
Where are the charges ?
The gorned stopped after the first week. Amazing that nlocking roads includes allowing traffic through. And businesses that stayed open were quite happy with the protestors.
It is illegal to block a public highway. Even if you keep a lane open, it’s still illegal.
Do you live in Ottawa? If businesses were so happy to have the criminal occupiers in town, perhaps you can explain why there’s a huge $300M+ class-action lawsuit by downtown Ottawa residents and businesses against the criminal occupiers?
I asked a question in my post, you conveniently ignored that.
What are the charges against them. No other protestor gets this treatment for blocking highways (which the truckers really didnt they blocked city streets) and were peaceful. Not something i can say about many protests in the last what.. 5+ years ?
So.. again. What are the charges the truckers are being charged with ? I havent seen ANY charges beyond public mischief for the leaders, who were treated like war criminals in the canadian justice system
Can you imagine if Donald Trump did something similar to the people shouting “no justice, no peace” in US cities while rioting and looting was going on? Those protests made a truck convoy look downright polite in comparison.
You may enjoy one of my favorite movies, “Startup”, it tracks a start-up hoping to automate all the touch points between government and its constituents.… []
Troll much? I can’t use my mod points, but please mark parent as troll.
I’ve been in “the industry” (as in SW dev industry) in Canada for 33 years. For 19 of those, I ran a software company that provided software and services to organizations all over the world.
In my experience, Canadians are no more computer-illiterate than people in any other first-world country.
Maybe it’s just that your software sucked? 🙂

From a report: Terry Beech says he’s also open to innovation and using new technologies like artificial intelligence to improve the way the government delivers services to Canadians.

From a report: Terry Beech says he’s also open to innovation and using new technologies like artificial intelligence to improve the way the government delivers services to Canadians.
I’m curious exactly how “artificial intelligence” will help when applying for a passport or applying for government services?
Sounds like he was just throwing buzzwords into his statement to sound good…
The Conservative government that preceded Trudeau went through the civil service with a wrecking ball. As usual, the Liberals weren’t quick to repair the damage…but there was COVID somewhere in there.
The Tory crocodile tears, though, are a bit much. Like conservatives all over the world, they play the same game: wreck government services, then point at the destruction and say, “Oh, look, here’s proof government doesn’t work.”
That’s absolute bullshit. Maybe you believe Americans don’t know how to work and are always looking for a handout. I certainly don’t believe that’s true, but you obviously do. It’s different in Canada. We’re far from perfect, but we help each other and we work because just about every healthy person would rather be doing something than just lying around.
As for your contention that no government agency is ever shut down, just last month, the government shut down the Cape Breton employment agency for inco
I am aware of at least 2 or 3 EU countries that allowed these services via Internet years ago.
The Baltic sea region countries have quite a few digital government services for years.
Canadian here.
Our government is incompetent with online services.
They actually named the new government payroll system “The Phoenix Project”. Trust me – if you know, you know.
Having to deal with a number of government websites and government bodies in my job. Whoever they get to do their websites, and upkeep on their servers is definitely the LOWEST bidder. The one website is “down for maintenance” every other sunday. You know. A day the government isnt open, when we need the webpage up to conduct buisiness.. and cant call them to finish transations..
Then during the week, i cant count the number of times the website goes down.
As a Canadian who hates standing in line, the idea of more services being online is hopeful. But the reality is tempered with unique to Canada requirements (not just software) that make adopting a commercial package complex. The systems I have encountered at both the federal and provincial levels are buggy and seem under-resourced, dont even try doing anything in prime time. And good luck getting anything that passes for support. But the part that really concerns me is that these are all wrapped with discla
Canadians will soon be able to increasingly frustrated trying to access and apply for more federal government services online.
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