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It can sometimes feel like a punishment paying extra for alternative and plant-based milks at a coffee shop. Whether you find yourself at a local cafe or a mega-chain like Starbucks, mixing oat milk into your latte can mean adding a whole extra dollar to the cost of your morning coffee. While there are some good reasonings behind the up-charge, from dairy milk just being cheaper to obtain because of subsidies by the U.S. government and an overall costlier bottling process for alternative milks, it’s still always refreshing to come upon an establishment that keeps the cost of all milks the same. After all, plant-based milks are known for being better for the environment, and even for our bodies, compared to their dairy counterparts. Lucky for us, the number of coffee shops and cafes adopting a no-added charge for non-dairy milk practice is growing, and one big coffee chain is joining the team. Caribou Coffee is no longer charging for non-dairy milk (As if we needed more reasons to love the coffee chain). But, there’s a catch.

Caribou Coffee is joining the likes of other chains like Panera Bread and Pret a Manger and nixing the extra costs that come with choosing plant-based milks over dairy. The change will come about on May 4 — but the adjustment isn’t for everyone. Only Caribou Perks members can reap the benefits of this change. To become a member, customers can download the Caribou Coffee app and customize their drink orders from there.
“Dairy-free and plant-based offerings are increasingly important to our guests and to our planet, which is why we are thrilled to announce that Caribou Perks loyalty program members can now customize their beverages with non-dairy milk at no additional charge when they order in the Caribou app,” Chief Brand and Marketing Officer Erin Newkirk shared with PR Newswire. The brand currently has three non-dairy milk options, including almond, coconut, and oat — with oat milk being the most recent addition in 2020.
So if you’re craving a plant-based coffee for less, look to Caribou. And if you prefer to grab some alternative milk for your home, here are our picks for the best plant-based milks of 2023.


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