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Cipherpoint has announced that Excite IT, its recently acquired wholly owned subsidiary, has entered into an agreement with Trend Micro Australia to provide security operations services to support Trend’s managed detection and response service in Australia.
Trend Micro and Excite IT are in the final stages of deploying and testing the new services, and will be on boarding the first customer during June.
The agreement with Trend Micro is for an initial three-year term (with a right of termination for convenience on notice).
Trend Micro says it will offer SOCaaS to its users and will engage Excite IT, on agreed commercial rates, to provide the SOCaaS services subscribed for by its users.
Trend Micro Vice President ANZ, Ashley Watkins said: “Trend Micro have experienced massive growth in our security platform, consolidating attack surface management and extended detection and response – revolutionising the way organisations manage cyber risk. Having the ability to provide a local managed SOC capability on top of the platform to incorporate the client’s other security products completes this offering perfectly, making us so excited and confident to be working with Cipherpoint to provide this service.”
Cipherpoint CEO Bryan Saba said: “The opportunity to partner with Trend Micro opens up a whole new set of opportunities for the Group. Not only will we help provide the SOC component of their managed services in the region but we will be able to offer a range of other services including advisory and remediation services.”

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