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Let’s face it, the social media age has given us an unprecedented amount of access to one another. Instagram in particular has provided, for over a decade now, a window into the lives of close friends, colleagues, acquaintances, ex-partners, the list continues.
Sometimes that window shows us something too good not to save or share — so we screenshot. Whether you’re snapping a screenshot to immortalize a memory posted by a friend, or to share with the group chat that a couple from your high school are getting married (we see you online stalkers), it’s good to know whether you’re really as stealthy as you think. 
Instagram sometimes notifies users when you record or photograph their content. Here’s a breakdown of the rules. 
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While the app used to show users when another person had taken a screenshot of their story, it no longer does so. 
You can screenshot or screen record someone else’s post and they will not be notified. Stories, posts and reels are all safe from screenshot notifications.
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You can search up another user’s Instagram account and scroll through it without them being notified. Liking a post from three years back accidentally? Now that’s another story. 
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Yes and no. 
The DMs themselves are safe from screenshot notifications, but any temporary photos or videos sent via direct message will trigger a screenshot notification, Instagram confirmed in an email to USA Today.
Additionally, screenshotting messages or other content sent in “vanish mode” will prompt a notification to be sent. 


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