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By KCAL-News Staff
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Two months ago no one living in an apartment complex along East Hollywood’s North Serrano Avenue would’ve expected they’d have to deal with a naked man roaming around the hallways outside of their units. 
“He just roams around our building to the point we are scared,” said one resident. “We don’t even want to come out of our apartment.”
Residents, many of whom did not want to give their names or faces for fear of retaliation, said their problems started two months ago when a new tenant moved into their building. They claimed the new neighbor threatened and harassed many of them, to the point where some walked around their own building with tasers and pepper sprays. 
Security camera footage shows her wandering around her East Hollywood neighborhood entering people’s yards while screaming and scaring neighbors. 
“It’s always scary to go out especially when I see her,” said neighbor Ashley Lee. 
After numerous calls, police placed the woman on a psychiatric hold, only for the naked man to take over the woman’s apartment. Residents believe the pair know each other after spotting them together a few times. 
“He looks like somebody dangerous, who can sexually assault us,” said one resident. 
On Tuesday, their problems only got worse when the woman returned to her home. Since her return, residents said they have already called the police three times. 
“She was making threats of blowing up the building,” said one resident.
The community said their management company recommends they keep calling the police on the woman. 
“The management company, they tell us they’re doing everything they can but we feel they’re not,” said one resident. “They’re not acting fast enough.”
At least, not fast enough for the residents to feel safe inside their own homes. 
“Cops do not do anything,” said one resident. “We are tired and sick of this happening to us because this has taken over our lives.”
The Los Angeles Police Department said they have responded to every call at the apartment and will continue to do so. Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez’s office said they have not received any complaints and only learned about the case from news coverage. 
The councilman’s office said they are trying to figure out what can be done. 
KCAL News visited the property management’s office in Larchmont Village in an attempt to get a comment. 
However, the people inside locked the door saying they had no comment.
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First published on July 25, 2023 / 10:11 PM
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