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Education Technology Day takes place on September 23 every year. It celebrates and appreciates the technology that helps students to learn better and teachers to teach better. It also celebrates the professionals who support the use of this technology and make sophisticated learning happen through technology. Did you know that students who use devices for study achieve better? Yes, in the United States, students with more than 60 minutes per week of device use achieved higher academic results. So, let’s learn about the history of educational technology and the benefits it brings to the learning process. Interested in pursuing a technology-related degree or maybe you want to become a teacher? Whichever path you choose, there are plenty of technology scholarships and education scholarships to help cover your tuition.
Technology plays a massive role in our lives today, right from when we wake up with the help of a digital alarm on our wrists to the moment we rest our eyes at night. It is crucial in everything that we do and is playing an important role in education. Both students and teachers recognize the importance of working with technology and education to prepare for the modern digital world run by technology.
Education technology, also known as EduTech or EdTech, is the combined use of technology like hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate better learning and teaching. With today’s classrooms moving beyond the notebooks and clunky desktops that were once the norm, today’s education is infused with tablets, interactive online courses, and even robots that can help students learn.
The history of the birth of Education Technology Day is, unfortunately, a mystery. However, EdTech has come a long way from the days when slide projectors were used in educational institutions, to the days when computers were introduced into classrooms, to the days when online classes are the norm. There is no denying that EdTech greatly influences the classroom and how it operates. In fact, 80% of the students in U.S. colleges complete two-thirds of their bachelor’s degrees through online courses provided by their colleges.
So, let’s celebrate everything that technology brings to the education world and support education in all forms and shapes!
Educational institutions across the U.S. begin to use slide projectors.
The Electronic University Network offers the first online course.
CompuHigh-Whitmore School, the first online high school, is established in the United States.
Students and teachers across the world begin to adopt online teaching and e-learning.
Digital Learning Day
Get your minds and devices ready as we celebrate the adaptation of technology for learning.
Computers were first used in education in the 1960s in a way that was intended to individualize instruction. This is considered the initial use of technology in the education ecosystem.
Absolutely yes, so many online courses are available today to improve learning and education. These online courses make education more effective and the learning process is fun.
Using technology in education enables students to get instant feedback and also helps students to automate a lot of their tedious tasks. Moreover, it provides access to new information instantly.
The best thing you can do to celebrate Education Technology Day is by taking an online course. There are several online courses available on the internet; choose one to your liking and get started!
If you’re that smart and confident person who has something to teach, why not offer an online course. No matter what your skillset is, you can have a great experience by offering an online course. So, why not?
You will most likely be surprised by the sheer number of educational games available on the Internet. Have fun, whether you’re playing a math game with your child or something else.
More than half of the teachers believe that students’ access to a computer makes teaching easier.
A total of 19% of American teachers report that they assign technology-based homework often.
Challenge-based gamification in e-learning can improve educational outcomes by 89%
About 12% of U.S. teachers believe that smartphones are very useful for school assignments.
Approximately 58% of education professionals have a positive opinion of EdTech, as of 2020.
Education Technology Day is a much-needed holiday that spreads awareness about the importance and benefits of technology in education. By observing this day, we can also spread awareness about different technologies that are helping education.
Educational technology is advancing day by day. At the moment, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and robots are being implemented in education. So, it’s better if we get on to it.
Technology within the classroom helps make sure that everyone is participating and can even help the students and teachers to learn and teach from anywhere in the world. This opens up new possibilities.
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