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Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun
The acting Inspector General of Police, Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun, has underscored the importance of education and the profound impact that institutions like Anglican Comprehensive High School (ACHS), Ipaja, Lagos can have on individuals, communities, and society at large.

He stated this at the 50th anniversary celebration cum gala night of the Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ipaja, Lagos, at the Police Officers Mess, Ikeja.  
Egbetokun, while eulogising his alma mater ACHS, formerly known as Awori Anglican Comprehensive High School, stated that the institution had not only been the foundation of his education, but also played a pivotal role in shaping the person that he is today.       
Attributing his success to ACHS, Egbetokun said: “As the Inspector General of Police, and Chairman, Planning Committee of this occasion, I am deeply grateful for the values, knowledge, and experiences that this school imparted in me and my other school mates, which have guided our journey in our various endeavours and careers in life, most especially for those of us in law enforcement and public service.”
He noted that the celebration extended far beyond a mere milestone in the life of a school. According to him: “It is a testament to the enduring power of education. It underscores the profound impact that institutions like ACHS, Ipaja can have on individuals, communities, and society at large.”
He noted that the institution had over the past five decades nurtured countless young minds, instilled in them the principles of discipline, diligence, and dedication, aside empowering them to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to the nation on a foundation laid on the fine tenets and principles of Christendom under the proprietorship of the Anglican Communion. He appreciated the fatherly and instructive roles that God played in the maintenance and sustenance of their alma mater.

“As we gather here today to cap the week-long ceremony of the 50th anniversary of our great school, we reflect not only on the achievements of the past, but also on the responsibilities that lie ahead. Our world is changing rapidly, presenting new challenges and opportunities that demand adaptability, innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence. It is my hope that ACHS, Ipaja, will continue to evolve and thrive, equipping the next generation with the skills and values they need to excel in an increasingly complex and interconnected world,” he said.
Acknowledging the critical role that education plays in fostering social cohesion and crime prevention, Egbetokun admonished the school authority to further engage with the community by emphasising the importance of education in building a safer and more prosperous society, where young minds with values of integrity, respect, morals and empathy can collectively contribute to Nigeria’s growth.
He commended the Alumni for striving so hard and selflessly to give back to the community that had nurtured them from starry-eyed little kids into young adolescents.
He said: “I am particularly moved by the fact that as adults, the adolescents of those days are today dedicating projects, including a gate and gatehouse in commemoration of this auspicious occasion of the 50th anniversary.”
Applauding the teachers, mentors and friends who left an indelible marks on his life, during his years at ACHS, Ipaja, Egbetokun recalled the mandatory and daily morning assembly prayers that were held unfailingly in those formative years and how every Sunday, those in the boarding hostels were marched in single file to the nearest Anglican Church in Ipaja community to worship and hear moral ministrations from different men of God.
Also, Dr. Gboyega Karim, while presenting the 50th anniversary compendium, titled: Celebrating A Legacy Excellence: 50th anniversary compendium of our yesterday, today, and tomorrow, highlighted the importance of alumni associations and the challenges of national development in Nigeria.
Karim, who identified Nigeria as a nation richly endowed with human and natural resources, lamented that despite its vast resources, the country still lacks the necessary managerial, institutional and structural changes that would guarantee rapid and sustainable growth conducive to an acceptable minimum standard of living.
He said that the economy is struggling to leverage the county’s vast wealth in fossil fuels to displace the crushing multidimensional poverty that affects about 57 per cent of her population.
Calling on different stakeholders in Nigeria’s education sector to play their roles to reduce poverty in the land by initiating developmental changes to change the narrative, he said: “The alumni associations are among the stakeholders, who have critical roles to play in the efforts to address the various challenges facing the nation.”

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