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The Glory (L to R) Park Sung-hoon as Jeon Jae-jun, Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun in The Glory Cr. Graphyoda/Netflix © 2022
Now that we’ve settled into the new year, Netflix has begun announcing the titles of a bunch of new movies and shows that will be released this year. In fact, the streaming giant has unveiled all of the Korean dramas and films coming out in 2023. Of course, we’re not going to leave you hanging. So, make sure to continue reading to find out what new Korean content you can expect to see make its way to Netflix throughout the year!
We saw so many great Korean dramas and films in 2022, like All of Us Are DeadBusiness ProposalExtraordinary Attorney WooLittle Women20th Century GirlLove and Leashes and others. Naturally, this has made us really pumped up about what the streamer will release this year.
We’re super excited to learn that The Glory is one of the Korean dramas set to return. Another highly-anticipated Korean drama returning in 2023 is Sweet Home. Then, on the movies front, we have the release of the sci-fi film Jung_E, the action flick Kill Boksoon, and tons of other must-watch movies.
And that’s not all! Netflix will also be releasing more binge-worthy Korean reality shows and documentaries. So, if you’re just as thrilled as us about all the Korean content scheduled to be coming to Netflix soon, you must read on to find the full list of Korean dramas and movies coming in 2023. It’s important to mention that the streaming giant hasn’t announced release dates for all of the shows and films just yet. However, we’ll make sure to share the release dates as they are announced.
Here’s a list of all the Korean dramas confirmed to be coming out in 2023:
Here are all of the Korean films coming out this year below:
Here’s a list of the unscripted Korean series confirmed to be released in 2023:
There aren’t many at the moment, but here are the titles of the Korean documentaries coming out in 2023.
You can expect much more Korean content to come out throughout the year, and we’ll be updating this list as Netflix announces new Korean dramas and movies. So, make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life!
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