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One of the UK’s leading education software providers, GCSEPod, is launching a new initiative to help schools revolutionise their approach to STEM education, offering a year’s worth of free content as part of its STEM Impact Program.
Schools can sign up to gain exclusive access to free content across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines – ranging from bitesize revision videos authored by subject experts, to assessments for students to test their knowledge.
Schools that join the initiative will also be taken through a nine-week expertly crafted impact program, featuring both student and teacher webinars. At the end of the nine-week program, schools will be provided with a personalised data report designed to help teachers maximise pupil attainment, while gaining full access to the platform.
The announcement follows a string of headlines about gaps in students’ STEM education, with recent research finding around 115,000 more girls would need to take A-levels in maths or physics, or both, to reach equal numbers of male and female students studying engineering and technology degrees.
Emma Slater, Head of Education at Access Education GCSEPod, said:
“There are plenty of students out there who possess the natural talents that scientists and engineers rely on to solve problems, but may struggle to engage in school or find certain aspects of the curriculum challenging. With the potential to envision groundbreaking technological advancements, it is key these students have the support to develop their confidence and raise their attainment.
“We wanted to give schools the opportunity to make the biggest impact with as many students as possible, helping to stretch and challenge high achievers with topics such as statistics, and assisting even the most reluctant learners to get to grips with complex topics in science and maths.
“Our content has been designed with all students in mind, but we’d like to particularly encourage young women and those from ethnic minority backgrounds, given their underrepresentation in STEM fields. Shockingly, just 24% of the STEM workforce were women in 2019 and it’s vital that female students can see themselves fitting into STEM from a young age and be empowered to learn more.”
The program will align with the lead up to mock exams, giving students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with content that will appear on examination papers, as well as boosting their general knowledge.
Former science teacher Amanda Clegg added:
“Topics like visualising three-dimensional rotations, combinations and transformations are areas which students typically struggle with, so it is great to see tailored resources being offered by GCSEPod. STEM is an area where lots of teachers want to boost engagement, especially with female students, and this new initiative gives another means to achieve this.
“These digital resources will be equally beneficial for teachers who will be juggling lots of different priorities at the start of the new academic year. Contrasting abilities, knowledge gaps and ever-changing targets are all key pressures, so resources which can target each simultaneously are invaluable.”
Extending out to a total of 30 GCSE/ IGCSE subjects, users of the GCSEPod learning and revision tools are proven to achieve one grade higher, on average, than non-users. The GCSEPod content and assessments are accessible both in the classroom and at home, providing learners more flexibility and freedom when it comes to managing their progress and revision.
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