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I learned my lesson..

I learned my lesson..
I learnt my lesson too. Every time Google kills something they offer you an alternative, way of getting your data out or migrating, or in some cases even refunds making Google products incredibly low risk compared to everything else. This is another fine example of it. No customers are losing their domain registrations.
OTOH, you’d have to have a hole in your head to make any sort of workflow that depends on anything google provides. Sure, they will refund your money and allow you to download your data (as they should), but they won’t fix your now broken workflow or help you deal with the associated disruption.

OTOH, you’d have to have a hole in your head to make any sort of workflow that depends on anything google provides.

OTOH, you’d have to have a hole in your head to make any sort of workflow that depends on anything google provides.
That is definitely true. There’s a big difference between using Google and depending on Google.
It truly seems like a vestige of a former google that no longer exists. When they would develop (or in this case, acquire) and freely distribute something just because it was so useful to everybody.
I don’t think they will kill Google Earth Pro Desktop anytime soon. Google restricts using Google Earth information from the free website version for commercial purposes. Google Earth Pro allows companies to purchase a license that allows them to offer commercial services (live maps, screen shots, etc).
Google might transition the Google Earth Pro to a paid product only, but I don’t think they will kill the software (and licensing) completely.

Maybe we should start a pool, what is Google going to kill next ? Google Mail? , Google Maps?

Maybe we should start a pool, what is Google going to kill next ? Google Mail? , Google Maps?
Maybe Google Groups? (plus the USENET archive) . It’s a zombie now, and has been for the last decade or so, and I have no idea why Google hasn’t euthanized it yet.
I’m pretty steamed at this, and it only motivates me to further get rid of any trace of Google in my IT repertoire.
Google Domains was the only option for a simple registrar with limited/basic DNS options, no hasstle/spam/upsell registration, and the ability to have multiple account managers per domain – at a reasonable cost.
I haven’t found anything even close to that yet, not even 2 of those 5 criteria.
Does anyone have any recommendations along those lines?
Cloudflare [] actually looks pretty good, and cheaper than Google Domains was to boot. Thanks for the tip.
ZoneEdit is still out there
You fucking should be steamed at this. It was a great product that Just Worked. It had out of the box cross platform support for DynDns. It had seamless IPv6 support. It had one click DNSSEC configuration. The list of reasons why it was awesome is fucking endless. It was equally good for home users and large enterprises. I completed moving the last of our very long list of domains into it six fucking weeks before they announced its demise .
I haven’t been this pissed at them since they killed Reader. Reader at least had a somewhat plausible business excuse, it didn’t make money, Domains was profitable! It just wasn’t as profitable as their MBA next quarter above all else scumbag CEO wanted it to be. You know, the same guy that says you can’t even have a fucking stapler if you work for Google, just go borrow one from the receptionist, I need my stock options pov. “Don’t be evil” indeed. Good job turning the company over to him Sergey and Larry.
My Director, the world’s biggest fucking cheerleader for Google, the dude I had to talk just last year out of forcing our Finance team into Workspace (you know many accounting/finance types that will part with Excel?) is now so throughly disillusioned with them he wants to move away. We halted our plans to migrate e-mail from 365 into Workspace. I highly doubt G-mail would be on the chopping block, but let’s be real, if they sunset it tomorrow, would anyone actually be surprised??? Domains one-click integrated into Workspace and they just kicked it to the curb like yesterday’s trash.
Fuck you Google. I hope Uncle Sam breaks you into ten million different pieces. You’re worse than Microsoft and that’s saying something.
Psssst.… []
How hard is it to maintain a registrar? One would think a cloud provider would also function as a domain registry just to act as a one-stop-shop.
Sure…. Wanna sign up with GoDaddy?
GoDaddy is low-key ass compared to Google Domains on UI and features.
What’s clear is Google have no further plans in this space. Google obviously doesn’t think there’s value in a one stop shop.
Google was an accredited ICANN registrar some 10 years before launching Google Domains in 2015, and this acquisition includes the IANA accreditation, not just the service and customers. If you look on the IANA list, Google’s registration (895) is now Squarespace, albeit with Google’s RDAP base URL.
As far as I can tell they are missing features like dynamicdns, so when my domains are forced over some things will just stop working.
Google doesn’t care. CEO needs his stock options. That’s why they sold a perfectly profitable and functional service.
If I sound bitter it’s because I am, lol
This was probably on the cards for some time. The service was stale. Not much in the way of new features and long-term annoying issues persisted.
Google has high standards. Where product revenue, value or user engagement plateaus, it’s up for sale or retired. Just have a look at []
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