GymAware awarded 2023 ACT Exporter of the Year – ACT Government

GymAware has been awarded 2023 ACT Exporter of the Year at the Chief Minister’s Export Awards. Image: Canberra Airport.
19 September 2023
A Canberra business success story that developed a product now used in gyms around the world has been recognised as the ACT Exporter of the Year.
Each year the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards celebrate the best and brightest in Canberra’s export industry and showcase the success of local businesses in global markets.
Kinetic Performance Technology (GymAware) was awarded the 2023 ACT Exporter of the Year for their work as a global leader in velocity-based training solutions. A staggering 89 per cent of its sales are exports, with 80 per cent of these to the USA, 10 per cent to the United Kingdom and 6 per cent to France and China.
The company’s RS and FLEX products are designed to help coaches and athletes of all levels measure and track strength training activities in the weight room. This technology has been a part of weight training for professional athletes across a range of sports, helping hundreds of teams and individuals prepare for their career-defining moments on the field.
The company’s systems are used in weight rooms across 65 per cent of all professional sporting teams in the USA, all teams in elite Australian leagues like the NRL and Super Rugby, as well as respected international teams, such as the New Zealand All Blacks.
The ACT Exporter of the Year awards showcased several of emerging and established exporting companies. Category winners included:
“It was inspiring to see so many businesses with a clear plan for identifying and pursuing valuable export markets – ultimately all Canberrans benefit when local businesses achieve export success,” CEA Technology and ACT Export Awards judge Michael Burton said.
Businesses who are ready to export have access to support through the TradeStart program. Learn more about exporting and the assistance available on the ACT Business website:
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Kinetic Performance Technology (GymAware) has been named as the 2023 ACT Exporter of the Year.

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