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First we aim to help place energy panels on the roof of school buildings, and Secondly to prove and verify our new dual energy panel concept
by Ahmet Demirtas in Enfield, Greater London, United Kingdom
Hi my name is Ahmet, and I am a senior aeronautical engineer. My background is in Aerospace, specialising in structural analysis. I have over 25 years working on flagship projects such as the A380, A350, A400M, B777, B787, B767, Bombardier Global Express, Lockheed JSF now F35, Embraer E190, Inmarsat Satellite, Offshore Patrol Vehicles and many more other projects.
I am also passionate about the environment, which is why I have invested in renewable energy technologies on my house. 
I have been working with the Impact Hub London for about a year now, and I have also received help from the GLA in developing my business ideas.
Our project is two fold, one, to help schools to become less reliant on grid energy and two, to verify and prove our newly configured dual energy generating panel.
I have come up with a new innovative way to combine two proven renewable energy technologies, one on renewable electricity and the other on renewable heat, into a single panel with the aim of making them more efficient and productive all year round, day and night. Our panels will save on valuable free roof space while being adaptable and affordable. 
My experiences with the renewable energy tech on my house, both good and bad, combined with my attention to detail and doing the work right first time attitude will ensure positive results. Our long term plan is in place and we look forward to welcoming our donors in joining us in our sustainability journey
Due to time constraints I have decided to engage with members to a greater depth for their contributions to the projects. I have come up with a list of schools, which is not exhaustive and we are open to the list growing in numbers, I will share the list on our Facebook page when I finish with it. We will vote on working with the first school, and provided the school and the council accepts working with us, we will install solar PV panels. We will also trial the new panels, working on proving concept and ironing out any teething problems and trying to perfect the design.
We expect the trial period to last about 2 years in order to gain real life performance data, in all seasons, day and night. Once the trial period is over, we will transfer the whole project to the Community Energy Company to be created and become responsible for the area. All donors for this project will then become members of this project and will receive yearly contributions according to their donations for the duration of the life of the project, between 20-25 years, while the school benefits from free electrical energy during the trial and lower energy bills thereafter.
We need to raise enough funds to cover the school for the energy project as well as carrying out the Research and Development on the new Panel.
Once the project at the launch school has been finalised, we will launch our next Crowdfunder project. We will also aim to extend the coverage to all community buildings
All our projects will benefit from a dedicated social media pages which will document the progress of the project.
I have engaged with a lot of people whom have been very helpful and have influenced the way this has spanned out. I am grateful to all at Impact Hub London members Community Energy London members, and many more.
We will always try to work with professionals and those who place community interest first
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