How to paint old wood furniture like a pro with a few easy tips – USA TODAY

One of the easiest ways to give an old piece of furniture a fresh new look is by painting it. But if you’re not a painting professional or are new to the challenging world of DIY, painting furniture without making a mess or expensive mistakes can feel like an impossible task. Questions abound. What kind of paint should I use? What brush is best?  How do I avoid brush strokes or roller marks? Thankfully, there are solid answers to those questions that can help foolproof the process for the novice painter. With the right tools and a few tried and tested painting tricks and tips, you can easily and affordably achieve a beautiful, durable, professional paint finish and transform that old piece of furniture into the star of the room.
Watch the video above to learn how to paint like a pro. 
After working so hard to paint and restore a piece of furniture, you have to protect all that beauty with a high-quality, water-based polyurethane topcoat. Not only are the best water-based polyurethanes easy to apply, but they protect your painted furniture with a Teflon-tough topcoat that can effortlessly stand up to daily use and help achieve a flawless, professional polish. However, not all polyurethane products are created equal, so make sure you’re assessing your options. The best polyurethanes won’t alter your paint’s color or cause yellowing, darkening, or stripping when applied on top of the paint.


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