Hull woman's nightmare eight-hour M62 drive home in blizzard conditions – Hull Live

She was travelling back to East Yorkshire from a concert in Manchester when heavy snowfall caused overnight chaos
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A Hull woman travelling home from a concert in Manchester spent eight hours stuck in traffic on the M62 after heavy snowfall.
The motorist, who wished not to be named, almost fell asleep at the wheel during the gruelling journey amid treacherous conditions. She left Manchester Arena at around 11.20pm last night (March 9), and was scheduled to arrive back in Hull by 1.30am.
However, it wasn't until ten hours later that she finally arrived home, after hours of standstill traffic and driving at 10mph. Gritters and snow ploughs worked to clear the motorway from around 3.50am and the M62 was only completely cleared later on Friday.
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The driver told Yorkshire Live that traffic was at a standstill and drivers were left stranded while traffic officers attempted to control the flow driving down the closed lanes. It took the Hull woman four hours to reach the front of the traffic queue, only to drive for two miles at 10mph on unclear routes.
The woman told Yorkshire Live: "We hit more standstill traffic around 3.45am. It wasn’t until around 7.30am that we were starting to make progress.
"The disruption here was caused by five lorries stuck in the snow, forcing other road users to weave in and out, as the five stuck lorries were scattered across all three lanes all within approximately 80 yards of each other.
"Once through this, most cars were staying in the right lane as it by far looked the safest, the left and middle lane were completely covered with snow.
"However, some car drivers were becoming impatient and using the two other lanes and quickly becoming stuck also. Further up, it was clear that a car was stuck and had ultimately been abandoned, with many more lorries and cars stuck further on.
"I got stuck myself, but thankfully managed to get myself out, but other drivers weren’t so lucky unfortunately, which of course added to the disruption.
"Overall, it took us around 10 hours to get from Manchester to Hull, but this did include a 30 minute coffee and sleep stop and also around 1 and a half hours of driving once we were passed the traffic. Roughly eight hours of standstill/very slow moving traffic."
National Highways has since confirmed that the M62 has been cleared following the overnight chaos.
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