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When you’re messaging a friend or loved one, you may have a lot to say. As much as you want to text paragraphs, sometimes it’s easier to keep it short and sweet.
That’s where abbreviations and slang come in to help. There are so many ways to abbreviate what you want to say: “OTP” to “ttyl.” “ICYMI“, USA TODAY has been breaking down text slang. We’ve already covered various explainers on different phrases, such as “rizz” and “lmk“.
Now, it’s time to learn a new one. Here is the meaning and how to use “ily”.  
“ILY” stands for “I love you.” The text slang is used in a more informal way than the full phrase. You can use “ily” while messaging friends, family or other loved ones, such as a significant other.
You can also choose to modify the abbreviation. Other variations include:
In general, “ily” is used to express love, gratitude and appreciation toward another person no matter the conversation.
Here are some examples of how to use “ily”:
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