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Last Updated on 8/10/2023
Updated once per week on Thursdays.

7-Day Average Daily Cases

Total Cases Reported*
7-Day Daily Average:
Total Number of People Tested*:
The trend in 7-day daily average number of persons tested provides an indication of the direction of COVID-19 testing in Los Angeles County. Conducting more tests can result in more confirmed cases of COVID-19 and supports efforts to control local spread of the virus.
Testing Positivity Rate
The Testing Positivity Rate is defined as the percentage of tests reported that are positive. The 7-Day Daily Average Testing Positivity Rate provides a more current picture of how many people tested positive, as opposed to the cumulative Testing Positivity Rate, which would date back to the beginning of the pandemic. We use a rolling 7-day average to smooth some of the fluctuations we see in the daily numbers due to reporting and processing lags that are a part of reportable disease surveillance.
7-Day Average Daily Deaths
Total Deaths Reported*:
Using the 7-Day Daily Average from Deaths 7 Days Ago prevents us from putting too much weight in a single daily number and it accounts for daily fluctuations in deaths reported to the health department and shows a clearer picture of death trends.
Death Rate
by Race, Ethnicity and Poverty Level
COVID-19 has exposed numerous inequities in our system, where low-income residents and people of color have higher risk of death from COVID-19 than whites and areas of low poverty. The Death Rate is the number of deaths from COVID-19 per 100,000 population in each race/ethnicity group. We can see that Latino/Latinx and African Americans are experiencing a disproportionate rate of deaths from COVID-19.
We also characterize deaths by calculating area-based measures of socioeconomic positions to identify areas with varied levels of economic resources so we can track how they are impacted. In LA County, our current death rate in people living in the lowest resource areas is approximately 4 times higher than people living in the highest-resourced areas. This measure, also referred to as “area poverty” reflects the percentage of households living at or below the federal poverty line. Area poverty estimates are derived from the US Census 5-year (2013-2017) American Community Survey at the census tract level.
Current Hospitalizations ():

*Does not include Prospect Hospitals, which on average make up 2% of hospitalizations
The 7-Day Average Daily number of hospitalizations.
Los Angeles County COVID-19 Racial, Ethnic & Socioeconomic Data & Strategies Report
Addressing the Needs of Communities Most Impacted by COVID-19: Strategies in Service of Los Angeles County’s Black/African American Residents
Addressing the Needs of Communities Most Impacted by COVID-19: Strategies in Service of Los Angeles County’s Latino/x Residents
USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research – Understanding Coronavirus in America
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