Live speech, personal voice: Apple's new iPhone accessibility features – USA TODAY

Apple unveiled new iPhone features to enhance communication accessibility for users who are blind, have low vision, are nonspeaking, or at risk of losing their ability to speak.
The new iPhone features include live speech, personal voice, a detection mode in Magnifier, and a custom interface for people with cognitive disabilities. These features were designed with help from members of various disability communities, and the new software features are slated for later this year, according to the company’s press release.
“At Apple, we’ve always believed that the best technology is technology built for everyone,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer.
Here is a rundown on what’s coming:
Users can customize their interface with high contrast buttons and large text labels in icon or grid-form on their phone’s home screen to help lighten the cognitive load. This feature also includes an emoji-only keyboard or option to record a video to share in Messages.
This feature allows nonspeaking people or those who have lost their speech over time to type what they want to say and have it spoken during FaceTime calls or in-person conversations.
By reading a randomized set of text prompts and recording for 15 minutes, users can also create a personal voice that sounds like them.
For people with vision disabilities, this feature will let users interact with physical objects that have several text labels. The feature can take text on a microwave and announce the text on each button as users move their finger across the keypad.
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