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According to one commentator, Meghan Markle will “never” return to the UK as Prince Harry‘s family is a “bombsite” following the breakdown of his relationship with the Royals.
Prince Harry is set to make a a quick stop in London for the WellChildAwards, before travelling to Dusseldorf for the start of the Invictus Games on September 9 – with Meghan set to join him two days in on September 11.
According to columnist Jan Moir, who wrote in column for the Daily Mail all about the couple’s next travel plans, Meghan “couldn’t be clearer”.
She added: “She is never going to set foot in the grey, cake-filled, miserable UK again if she can possibly help it”.
As for Harry’s family, Ms Moir added: “When it comes to relations between the Royal Family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we’re looking at a burnt-out bombsite where a family used to be.meghan Don’t miss…
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“Relations are at rock bottom, clemency is in the deep freeze. The outstretched hand has been withdrawn and the peace pipe has been doused with a thousand duchessy tears. It is over.”
Harry has previously made reference to Meghan, and his new family, in his speeches at the WellChild Awards in the past.
Seemingly sending a reminder to Harry, Ms Moir simply stated: “family is everything”.
Despite Meghan’s no-show in the UK, and her late arrival for the Invictus Games, the couple will both remain in Germany until the end of the Games on September 16.
Harry and Meghan’s departure date means the couple will be in Germany for the Duke of Sussex’s 39th birthday on September 15.

Meghan Markle will be returning to the social media platform, Instagram under the new handle @meghan, according to new reports.
The Duchess of Sussex, who shut down her previous account with Prince Harry in 2020, is getting ready to make millions of dollars on her posts, experts have predicted.
A source told the Mail on Sunday: “Everyone in Hollywood is talking about the re-launch being imminent. Meghan has never made any secret of the fact she wants to return to Instagram.”


The Prince and Princess of Wales have taken a summer visit to Balmoral each year – with this year’s trip looking set to begin very soon.
The couple are set to travel to Scotland with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis soon to mark the King’s first time hosting the summer break there.
The trip will provide an opportunity for their three children to spend time with their relatives, but will also likely be bittersweet as it is their first official visit since the death of the late Queen last September.
Many of the royals admit that they hold happy memories from their past trips to Balmoral, so this visit will likely be no different.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales cannot eat with their children during holidays and official dinners due to a strange rule, a former royal chef has revealed.
Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George must eat without their parents at official dinners or during holidays, Darren McGrady told Harper’s Bazaar.
He claimed that the three kids “aren’t allowed to sit with the adults until they have learned the art of polite conversation”.
Remembering his time as the family’s chef, McGrady said there were never any exceptions, even for bigger holidays such as Christmas.
McGrady added: “The children always ate in the nursery until they were old enough to conduct themselves properly at the dining table.”

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Meghan Markle issued an abrupt three-word reply to the late Queen’s advice that left her feeling quite “surprised”, according to royal expert Robert Jobson.
Queen Elizabeth reportedly offered up a helping hand to Prince Harry and Meghan when the pair got engaged as the former suits actress began to settle into life in the royal family.
According to an extract from Our King, by royal expert Robert Jobson, the late Queen sat down with Meghan for a private chat to discuss her new life as a royal.
Jobson claimed the Queen was “so pleased Harry had at last found love” and she “warmly welcomed” Megan to the royal family.
But when she tried to give Meghan some advice and mentioned that Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh could support her, the American appeared to issue a surprising response.

Meghan Markle

A freedom of speech row has been sparked by a Scottish independence poster featuring an image of King Charles that was effectively ‘banned’ by an advertising firm.
The poster – designed by Alex Salmond’s Alba Party – was rejected by the media company Global, which manages more than 250,000 advertising sites around the UK. Global was reportedly concerned the poster could cause “offence”.
The poster – which uses an official image of the King, as he appears on postage stamps – sees the monarch ‘crossed out’ by a red prohibition sign. Above the image is the slogan: ‘It’s time for an Independent Republic of Scotland’.


Meghan Markle “continues to walk with purpose” despite the backlash she has received, claimed award-winning actress Audra McDonald.
The Broadway star, 53, revealed in a new interview that the Duchess of Sussex is the person she most admires, saying: “Meghan Markle. I don’t know how she continues to walk through this world with the grace, strength, and purpose that she does given the unbearable amount of vitriol and hate she has been subjected to, but she does.
She added to Vanity Fair: “I wish she didn’t have to.”
The Respect star’s comments come after Meghan, 42, is said to be leaning on her girl pals.
She was recently seen attending a Taylor Swift concert with her neighbour Portia De Rossi and enjoying an alfresco lunch with friends

READ MORE HEREMeghan MarkleA former Conservative Prime Minister has revealed that Margaret Thatcher would get nervous to meet the late Queen that she would do one surprising thing each time.
The late Queen has been described as the “only person Margaret Thatcher feared”, leading to the late Prime Minister having to undertake one surprising thing every time she met her.
According to Julian Haviland, a former political editor of The Times, Margaret Thatcher was so nervous to meet the late Queen, that she had to down a whiskey or two before each meeting.
READ MORE HEREEXCLUSIVE: Royal Family fans around the world have been frustrated by rare sightings of the youngsters, but one expert believes that could be about to change.
King Charles and Prince Harry‘s “peace talks” and any breakthrough from them would delight millions of Royal Family fans with more sightings of Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, according to an expert.
The Sussexes sent ripples through the Royal Family by making several claims in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. Last December, more claims were made in the couple’s Netflix documentary and then in Harry’s own tell-all memoir, Spare.
READ MORE HEREMeghan Markle has sparked speculation about launching a new online endeavour to relaunch herself as a global influencer.
Meghan Markle could be left facing a “fresh showdown” with the Royal Family with her new entrepreneurial efforts, a royal commentator claimed.
After trying her hand as a podcaster and film producer, the Duchess of Sussex has kept fans waiting as she keeps hush-hush about her next project.
READ MORE HEREKing Charles and Prince Harry are reportedly unlikely to meet for face-to-face talks in a couple of weeks – despite both being in the UK at the same time.
An immediate peace deal involving King Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William has been dashed by a Royal Family author after he claimed they are “all as far apart as ever.”
Harry’s relationship with his father and older brother is understood to have hit rock bottom following several claims he made against Royal Family members in his tell-all memoir, Spare.
READ MORE HEREPrincess Kate appeared on the Christmas special of a TV programme in 2019 to make the startling revelation.
Prince Louis had unusual early words for his parents Princess Kate and Prince William when he was a baby – and it certainly isn’t what you would expect.
Most babies’ first words would usually either be “mummy” or “daddy” but the Prince and Princess of Wales’ youngest child decided he would buck the trend.
READ MORE HEREThe Royal Family hold 3,000 royal patronages, with many now left vacant following the deaths of the late Queen and Prince Philip.
Hundreds of charities, which were once affiliated with the late Queen, are now being forced to remain in the dark about who their new patrons will be.
The possibility of a slimmed-down monarchy means that many charities could miss out on having a new patron after all.
READ MORE HEREOne commentator has stated their belief that changes should now be made to the line of succession, making way for one royal who “breathes common sense and practicality”.
Buckingham Palace has been urged by one commentator to make some changes to the line of succession “after Louis”.
The next person currently in the line of succession is Prince William followed by his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
READ MORE HEREA body language expert spoke exclusively to about Duchess Sophie’s closest friend in the Royal Family.
Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh married into the Royal Family in 1999 and has developed very close relationships over the past two decades.
Body language expert Judi James weighed in on who she thinks Duchess Sophie has formed the closest bond with.
READ MORE HEREMeghan Markle met the Queen as the late monarch offered advice on how the royal newcomer could easily settle into her new life.
Meghan Markle left Queen Elizabeth II “surprised” with her short reply to advice on how she could adapt to life in the Royal Family, a book has claimed.
The Duchess of Sussex first met Prince Harry‘s grandmother in October 2017 and the couple would go on to marry at a glittering ceremony at Windsor Castle just over 18 months later.
READ MORE HEREMembers of the royal household have noted that the Prince and Princess of Wales have taken long holidays.
and , are “raising eyebrows” with the amount of time they have had off, a royal commentator has said.
The couple “blocked off” the summer in order to prioritise spending time with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
READ MORE HERERelationship expert says that it’s ‘no surprise’ that the Duchess of Sussex has been leaning on her friends for support.
Prince Harry is reportedly concerned about the amount of stress his wife Meghan Markle is enduring.
The Duchess of Sussex is said to be receiving “emotional support” from her friends” after she was recently spotted wearing an anti-stress ‘wellness patch’ which is claimed to reduce stress hormones and boost sleep. Meghan was reportedly spotted wearing the small blue patch on her wrist as she ran errands out and about in Montecito.
READ MORE HEREMeghan Markle rose to fame in hit US legal drama Suits, starring as Rachel Zane in more than 100 episodes before meeting Prince Harry.
Meghan Markle “thinks an Oscar would be in her future” with the Duchess of Sussex currently in talks with “big name directors and producers” as she plots a huge acting return an insider has claimed.
Meghan and Prince Harry are now thought to be on different career paths. The Duke of Sussex is focusing on his upcoming Heart of Invictus documentary with Netflix, but the world is eagerly awaiting the duchess’s next move.
READ MORE HEREMeghan Markle has not made the trip to the UK for nearly a year and it is unlikely she will accompany Prince Harry when he returns to his home country next month.
Meghan Markle will “never set foot in the UK again” as the Duchess of Sussex “knows how unpopular she is”, according to a Royal Family author.
Meghan’s popularity with the British public nosedived in polls after the December 2022 Netflix documentary that saw the former actress and Prince Harry make several claims against the Royal Family.
READ MORE HEREEXCLUSIVE: The Prince and Princess of Wales are currently attached to over 50 charities but could be about to see a whole lot more come their way, according to one royal expert.
The Prince and Princess of Wales have been tipped to take on more responsibility due to their “unique position” in being able to boost the monarchy.
Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has said that he thinks the couple will likely take on a slightly increased workload, and hold a “unique cachet” for doing so.
READ MORE HEREGood morning from London. I’m Lauren Welch and I’ll be bringing you all the royal updates into this afternoon. Feel free to get in touch
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