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Here are three more participants at the Food Court at Victorville’s High Desert Farmers Market from 8 a.m. to Noon every Thursday at Victor Valley College, 18422 Bear Valley Road, lower campus.
The HDFM website,, is an excellent resource to check out before your first trip to make your next trip even more enjoyable.
Reminders about keeping cool in the heat are important. The canopies provide shade, but hats, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and footwear are a must. Many vendors include portable misters, which add a comforting spritz to cool the air while you examine their goods, ask questions or place your orders.
Parking information and information about bringing your dog on a leash are also on the website.
As the HDFM website advises, every vendor takes cash. Many vendors accept credit cards or online payment systems such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle, but the HDFM booth does not provide change or credit card use capabilities.
Once upon a time, a coffee lover named Debbie owned an espresso trailer called Lucy’s Frappé House. She sold all freshly brewed coffees, iced coffees, espresso drinks, frappés, and teas and traveled everywhere.
Then she decided to change careers, and her friends Amanda and Kim changed the refreshment’s name to Frappés and Friends and offered delicious frozen blended drinks with coffee (caffeinated or decaf) or without any coffee at all using a fruit flavor base instead and set up a bright pink canopy at the HD Farmers Market.
Frappés are icy blended beverages that are tasty, cold, and refreshing. They have no trans fats and are lactose-free.
The beverage base is coffee, decaf, or “cream,” and flavors include vanilla, caramel, mocha, white chocolate, strawberry, or peach. There is also a “daily special” flavor each week.
Every frappé is 16 ounces with or without whipped cream. The price is $6.
Frappés and Friends also sell water for $1 and has marshmallows as treats for the kids.
Speaking of parties, Frappés and Friends are taking reservations to set up to serve school get-togethers and other events. Call Amanda at 951-202-9406 for more information.
Order delicious Wings Your Way, Waffles & Chix, and Gourmet Nachos from Nacho House.
Jamar Collins combined her love of family and community with cooking, and she and associate Tierra Collins joined the HD Farmers Market food court with Nacho House a year ago.
Customer comments have been very positive for every menu item, Jamar said, and she is hoping to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in the future.
Wings Your Way offers Southern Fried, Spicy Hot, Bar-B-Que, Lemon Pepper, Lime Pepper, and Parmesan wings, and each serving of six wings comes with celery/carrot sticks and ranch dressing. Add extra wings for $2 each.
Waffles & Chix will challenge you to “pick your favorite.” Order one sweet buttery waffle with syrup or the strawberry and whipped cream shortcake waffle with syrup. Each includes four Southern fried chicken drumettes or flats (the double-boned middle of the wing). An apple cobbler waffle with whipped cream and four drumettes or flats is another choice, as is the waffle only.
Gourmet Nachos come topped with chicken, beef, shrimp, real cheddar cheese, jalapeno, and sour cream.
Prices range from $14 to $22.
Gourmet Nachos offers catering for special events. Contact
The Tamale Guy, a Claremont and Las Vegas restaurant, brings tamales to the HD Farmers Market. Enrique has driven from Claremont weekly for two years, getting a multi-level steamer holding 500 homemade tamales in several flavors, piping hot and ready to go — and they go quickly.
Meat tamales are Shredded Chicken, Pork Carnitas or Chorizo. Vegan or vegetarian flavors are Cheese and Chile (the most popular), Potatoes & Veggies, Red Beans & Jalapeno, Soy Chorizo, Cactus & Peppers. Sweet varieties include Pineapple & Raisins or Sweet Corn.
Tamales are $3 each, six for $15, and a dozen for $27. Their signature Salsa Verdi is only $2.50.
High Desert Farmers Market, 18244 Bear Valley Road, VVC lower campus. 760-247-3769, Every Thursday from 8 a.m. to Noon.
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