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August 2, 2023
In a press release issued Tuesday, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) announced that it will proceed with the nationwide mass protest as initially planned, following a meeting with the federal government. The conference aimed to address the demands put forth by the NLC on behalf of Nigerian workers and people.
The NLC leadership, led by Comrade Joe Ajaero, president of the organisation, expressed that the outcome of the meeting with the government did not bring about any changes or concessions that would alter their course of action. They stressed that they remain steadfast in their commitment to representing Nigerian workers’ and people’s interests and desires.
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Refuting rumours of reconsideration or suspension of the protest, the NLC urged all Nigerians to ignore the efforts of “fifth columnists” who may be working against the collective wishes of the people. They called on citizens nationwide to participate in the mass protest, scheduled to begin Wednesday.
The key demands of the Nigeria Labour Congress are as follows:

1. Immediate and good-faith implementation of resolutions jointly signed by the NLC, the federal government, and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).
2. Reversal of all anti-poor policies of the government, including the recent price hike of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), school fees, and Value Added Tax (VAT).

3. Rehabilitation of local refineries in Port Harcourt, Warri, and Kaduna.
4. Prompt release of 8 months withheld salaries owed to university lecturers and workers.
5. Recognition and support for the Presidential Steering Committee and its sub-committees, along with a call to end inhumane acts and policies of the government.

The NLC emphasized the need for the government to genuinely address these pressing issues to alleviate the burden faced by the citizens and workers across the country. They believe the protest is a powerful means of expressing their collective resolve and bringing attention to urgent matters.
As the tension escalates, all eyes are on the government’s response to the impending mass protest. The nation anxiously awaits how the situation unfolds and whether any concessions will be made to avert widespread demonstrations.
The Nigeria Labour Congress has historically played a significant role in advocating for the rights and welfare of workers, and their decision to proceed with the Nationwide Mass Protest signals their unwavering commitment to creating meaningful change for the betterment of Nigerian society.

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