NSPCC child protection alert over VR abuse: Tech and Science … – Evening Standard

Plus, Burning Man rain ‘monsters’ & comet Nishimura
Officials have embraced a non-traditional approach to protect national digital assets against bad actors (Yui Mok/PA)
The NSPCC is warning parents to be alert for paedophiles exploiting virtual reality to target children.
The UK child protection charity says the growing immersive online medium is being taken advantage of by adult abusers to prey on their victims – and is calling for a crackdown by tech giants.
It also wants the government to provide more funding for police to investigate crimes in VR platforms.
As the hangovers kick in and drenched revellers attending Burning Man trudge back to civilisation, an otherworldly-looking little creature has emerged from the Nevada Desert mud – what’s been dubbed the “dinosaur shrimp”, and it’s got three eyes.
Torrential rains have awoken shelled, tailed creepy crawlies known as triops, which can lay dormant with their eggs in dried-out river beds for decades.
Three visual artists have filed a lawsuit against artificial intelligence image-generators in a bid to stop AI developers profiting from their work.
Astronomers say star-gazers will get a “rare and exciting opportunity” to see a comet with the naked eye in a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.
Comet Nishimura was discovered only in August but will be closest to Earth in a week’s time – just before dawn next Tuesday, that’s September 12
Plus, ‘Bond lair’ for marine biologists, revolution for plant evolution, Ice Age clue to coastal erosion and New York’s rat tours.
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