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Hello all; today is National Words With Friends Day, which Zynga declared in 2021. I’m back with your new edition of the Los Angeles Daily. Let’s get this Tuesday started off right, with a quick dive into the most important things happening around town…
We have lost Jak Knight, a rising star in TV writing and on the comedy circuit. Also, one of two hit-and-run drivers has been located. Finally, you could own DJ Marshmello’s old digs if you have the money.

First, today’s weather:
Plenty of sun. High: 87 Low: 64.
FYI: To locate a cooling center in Los Angeles, call 3-1-1, reach out to the Los Angeles Public Library Public Information Office at (213) 228-7555, or find your nearest location and its hours on the current list of county facilities.

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Here are the top stories today in Los Angeles:
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Today in Los Angeles:
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