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Please try these troubleshooting steps when your online content is not loading properly. This could be anything from logging into an account, to a menu option, menu button, students on a roster, etc.

Note: Cluttered cache causes a variety of online issues. Therefore, on FCPS Chromebooks, cache is now cleared at the end of each student session.
For a thorough Clear Cache:
Follow these steps (student Chromebook or Windows devices) to clear your browser cache 

Video on ‘How to Clear Cache in the Chrome Browser’
For issues in apps accessed through a Google login, after clearing the cache, then sign out of Google, shut down, and reboot.
Sometimes enabling all cookies resolves content-loading issues:
Video on ‘How to enable all cookies’
Sometimes allowing cookies for a specific site can resolve things:
Steps and options to manage cookies
If clearing cache and managing cookies don’t fix the problem:
Follow steps to do a Chromebook factory reset  
For help: We offer technical assistance with FCPS email accounts and Chromebooks. The Student Tech Support line, (859) 381-4357, is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.
SPANISH: Steps to clear browser cache
SPANISH: Clear cache on a Chromebook
SWAHILI: Steps to clear browser cache
SWAHILI: Clear cache on a Chromebook
ARABIC: Steps to clear browser cache
ARABIC: Clear cache on a Chromebook
CHINESE: Steps to clear browser cache
CHINESE: Clear cache on a Chromebook
JAPANESE: Steps to clear browser cache
JAPANESE: Clear cache on a Chromebook
FRENCH: Steps to clear browser cache
FRENCH: Clear cache on a Chromebook
NEPALI: Steps to clear browser cache
NEPALI: Clear cache on a Chromebook
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