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A steaming, freshly-brewed cup of coffee with a splash of cream, a whipped coffee, or the perfect cold brew can be the ultimate start to your morning. Or it might be the afternoon jolt that you’ve grown accustomed to and simply cannot skip. However, there are a number of reasons to switch up your coffee routine, especially if you’ve been drinking the same stuff for years. For starters, swapping regular caffeinated coffee for a delicious decaf brew is a great option if you’re cutting down on caffeine or calories, are pregnant, revamping your sleep schedule, or if you’re working on improving acid reflux or gut issues. If the idea of cutting out caffeine starts makes your hands shake and your forehead sweat, there’s good news. Decaf coffee can be just as delicious, and affordable, and some brands even offer added health benefits. Making the switch doesn’t have to be a nightmare, if you choose the right decaf brand to ease the transition.
Unfortunately, some companies use a harsh chemical process to decaffeinate beans, and others are grown with unwanted pesticides that have negative side effects and harm the environment. In addition, certain brands are just downright expensive and lack that scrumptious nutty, smooth flavor that coffee lovers crave. Looking at price value, flavors, decaffeination process, and more, here are the very best decaf coffees available right now.

If Mocca Java Decaf doesn’t make your mouth water then we don’t know what will. Peet’s Coffee Decaf Mocca Java makes the list of the best decaf coffee because of its spectacular body of flavors. Sipping on a hot cup of Peet’s or savoring a cold brew with thick cream will bring out notes of bittersweet chocolatey goodness. Other layers of flavor such as port, with the taste of berries, will rise to the surface while you are sure to notice a hint of nutty, cardamom underneath as well. Overall, the flavor is cozy, comforting, and perfect for the fall, or as a sweet treat over ice on a warm afternoon. This brand has all the complex layers of regular coffee without all the caffeine, which means you can even sip on a mug after dinner without worrying about being up all night.
The top-quality taste is mainly due to the way the beans are decaffeinated, which is a water and chemical-free process. This means no sacrificing your favorite mocha beverage for less caffeine. This process uses hot water to draw out the delicious flavors of green coffee beans, much like steeping a tea bag or soaking rice. The flavored water is then used to soak another batch of fresh coffee beans, with the mixture drawing out the caffeine particles. These extra few steps might seem tedious, but they preserve the flavor without using chemicals.

Charleston Coffee Roasters ranks high on most lists of great coffee and its decaf options are no exception. The South Carolina-based company as a whole strives toward great-tasting beans that are made responsibly. A bag of Charleston Coffee Roasters comes with an affordable price tag that’s even more reasonable if you sign up for the subscription. Each one is packed with flavor minus any harsh chemicals. Using the Swiss Water decaffeination process, 99% of the caffeine is removed, which is slightly higher than the industry standard. This unique process is unlike others that strip the beans of their natural flavor and it’s done in a natural way. This particular process was discovered in 1903 and has been perfected over the years.
During a 10-hour process, the coffee beans are monitored carefully to ensure the flavor is not affected during the process. Essentially, the green coffee beans are washed and then soaked. At this point, the caffeine that naturally occurs in coffee beans is drawn out and filtered away leaving a bean that can be roasted and brewed like usual. Charleston Coffee Roasters offers a coffee bean that does not break the bank and still tastes great.

Sight Glass Organic Hunky Dory boasts one of the best-tasting organic decaf coffee beans available and that’s because it carefully adjusts the growing and harvesting process with each passing season. Coffee berries are a fruit and therefore thrive in certain conditions and seasons. Everything from the soil to the amount of rainfall can alter the flavor. This small, sibling-run company in San Francisco focuses on harvesting the beans at just the right time and benefits from small production sizes that they have control over. The end result is beans that have a sweet toffee flavor with an underlying freshness of red grapes and jasmine. You may also detect hints of citrus bergamot in a bag of Hunky Dory.
Products that aren’t organic have a lot more flexibility when it comes to added ingredients, which is why a complexly flavored and healthy product like Hunky Dory stands out. Using the Swiss Water method, the caffeine particles are carefully separated through carbon filters, which discard the caffeine particles. This organic brand carefully monitors everything from the soil and seeds to the pesticides and harvesting methods to ensure the beans remain fresh and toxin-free.
A bag of Hunky Dory comes with a  price tag of just over $20 for 12 ounces, which puts it on the high end of the coffee price spectrum; however, you can sip assured that you’re getting top quality for that price. Consuming the coffee within two weeks of opening and within six weeks of the display date will ensure freshness and the best flavor.

At just under $20, for a 12-ounce bag, this product is moderately priced but quite tasty. Fans of more acidic and fruity flavors will adore Black & White Roasters Sugarcane Decaf, which is named after its decaffeination process. With notes of tart red cherry and smoky but sweet grilled pineapple flavors, the taste is rounded out with hints of caramel, but that’s not the only reason this decaf ranks so high on the flavor scale. This brand uses a unique process called ethyl acetate decaffeination, which efficiently and naturally draws out the caffeine while preserving the superior green coffee taste. Ethyl acetate occurs in nature in some fruits, such as bananas, and is derived from sugar and vinegar during the fermentation stage when it’s used to decaffeinate. Although this product isn’t organic, this natural decaffeination method is a healthier alternative to methylene chloride, which other companies use. According to the United States Department of Labor, methylene chloride is found in all kinds of harsh chemicals and products, such as paint stripper, and can be dangerous if it comes into contact with your skin or lungs.
Thankfully, the sugarcane decaffeination process keeps chemicals out of their equation and uses ethyl acetate as their solvent to draw out caffeine from the beans while they soak. The beans are then rinsed and soaked in fresh water to ensure the perfect decaf bean. Black & White Roasters always ensures a fresh product as they roast their beans and promptly ship them for top-quality flavors. 

Organic, great tasting, and low-acid, this brand of coffee could replace other types that you’ve grown to love but tend to upset your stomach. Swap out your current brand or switch to Healthy Bean in the afternoon, either way, your gut will thank you. This decaf blend is only sold on Amazon, which makes reordering a breeze, and it’s moderately priced at about $20 a bag.
If you’ve been experiencing acid reflux, inflammation, bloating, and other symptoms of a sensitive stomach then give this low-acid brand a try. A combination of where the beans are grown and the roasting methods cut back on chlorogenic acid in a major way. This is the component of coffee and other acidic drinks that might cause heartburn and overall digestive discomfort. However, the low acid quality doesn’t take away from the great coffee flavor and it actually increases the number of antioxidants in your cup. These beans are amazing as a brew, or you can get adventurous and make a tasty snack like chocolate-covered coffee beans
Everything from the soil and climate where the beans are grown, to how they’re washed and roasted can affect the acidity levels. Thankfully, Healthy Bean meticulously grows, harvests, and roasts its beans with low-acid in mind. This brand is also USDA Organic certified, and it carefully tests for toxins such as mold, heavy metals, and more, which are unfortunately quite common in standard coffee blends.

With an intriguing name and downright cheery packaging, Joshua Tree Coffee suggests a strong affiliation with nature, and the company strives to protect the environment and farmers in the Mojave Desert where it’s grown. Joshua Tree Coffee is all about delivering great coffee to your table, but also educating drinkers about the detrimental effects of drinking and growing standard, non-organic coffee. This decaf brand is conscientious and its coffee has a smooth, yet bold flavor that isn’t too acidic or bitter, which earns it a place on the list of best decaf coffees available right now.
Traditional coffee is treated with chemicals to speed up harvesting, deter pests, and cut costs. However, these chemicals leach into the soil, groundwater, and eventually end up in our bodies. The harmful effects can negatively affect our health and the environment. A love and appreciation for Mother Nature and the beauty of the natural environment encouraged the founders of Joshua Tree Coffee to produce the beans with care. The growers are thoughtful about production, and keep the operations small so they can adapt to the extremes of the desert climate without damaging it.
Joshua Tree Coffee only has one type of decaf for sale, but the medium roast has such a hearty flavor that you likely won’t need more options. It’s also reasonably priced at about $16 for a 12-ounce bag. In addition, this brand works great for typical brewed coffee but can also be enjoyed as an espresso.

Organic, gourmet, and single-origin coffee can really get up there in price, especially if you factor in shipping. However, AmazonFresh Decaf Colombia Whole Bean Coffee is a great choice when you need to save a little but still want a robust roast.
This brand may not have the coveted USDA Organic certification, but it does have the Rainforest Alliance seal, which means it is dedicated to more sustainable farming methods. Coffee production has a large impact on the environment, and deforestation and climate change have become major concerns in areas such as Colombia where the beans are grown. This brand is making strides to offer a more responsible brand at an affordable price.
Priced at around $10 for a 12-ounce bag, this option comes in at a much lower price point than many brands, yet the taste is still great. At such a low price you can even use these beans to experiment with exciting coffee recipes that you’ve never tried, such as frosted coffee float. With no added ingredients and only 100% Arabica coffee beans, you’ll notice citrus flavors along with smooth cocoa and a little sweetness like brown sugar. This option will keep both your tastebuds and your wallet happy. The company suggests waiting to grind the beans until you’re ready to brew for the freshest flavors. 

Reaching for a label that reads organic over one that doesn’t has become increasingly common over the years as we continue to learn about more our food and how it’s made. Lifeboost Decaf is a healthier option that may be priced slightly higher than some other companies but guarantees you’re getting a quality product. These coffee beans are hand-picked, washed with fresh spring water, and then naturally dried in the sun. As a bonus, there are a variety of flavors available, which isn’t always common when it comes to decaf.
Not only does Lifeboost offer a full range of different decaf roasts from blonde to midnight, but classic flavors such as hazelnut, French vanilla, and caramel are in stock. For more adventurous sippers, creme brûlée, toasted coconut, smoky butterscotch, and cinnamon blueberry crumble are also on the menu, ready to awaken your taste buds. This company is meticulous about quality, bringing single-origin, 100% Arabica beans to your pantry. On top of harvesting only carefully chosen beans, the company then ensures another level of care by conducting even more testing. Heavy metals, pesticides, and all kinds of other contaminants can find their way into your coffee, but Lifeboost carefully screens for over 400 types of harmful toxins throughout the growing, decaffeinating, and packaging process. Although this option is more expensive than other brands, it’s not outrageously priced and the quality will speak for itself the next time you brew a fresh cup.

What is green coffee? To make a long story short, green coffee beans have not been roasted, which gives them that dark color and smoky flavor. However, unroasted, softer beans are full of health benefits, including the ability to help lower blood pressure and manage high cholesterol. They also make for a more unique flavor, and the decaf option will help curb your caffeine craving without sacrificing on taste.
The coffee in your morning cup has already been on a long journey even before you grind it up and brew it at home. In fact, coffee begins its lifespan as a berry and the beans are the pit, which is usually harvested, dried, and roasted. All of these factors greatly influence the flavor of your cup of coffee. Green coffee, because it isn’t roasted, undergoes less processing and the flavor is more consistent. 
Dean’s Beans Organic Decaf Green Coffee is carefully harvested and then decaffeinated using the natural water process to avoid chemicals. These beans are grown in the Amazonian Highlands in Peru by a company that is dedicated to sustainable and responsible farming and contributes largely to deforestation efforts as well as supporting Indigenous Ashaninkas farmers. A 1-pound bag is under $10, making it an extremely affordable option. Additionally, the company suggests that the beans will stay fresh for about three weeks after opening and three months unopened if the bag is still sealed.

In terms of flavor, quality, and price, Kion Decaf Whole Bean Coffee checks all of the boxes, with it being the overall healthiest and most delicious choice for regular coffee and espresso. Kion is based in Colorado and beginning with research and ending with third-party quality testing, the brand’s coffee provides health benefits and one of the most unique flavor blends available. The company’s overall approach is not to create a product that just tastes and looks good, but one that supports an encompassing sense of well-being. Its coffee isn’t meant to just help you trudge through the day, but rather invigorate you and enliven your pallet.
Kion Coffee is medium-roasted with a combination of surprising but delightful flavors. Coffee lovers will notice a sweet, crisp note of apple, a fruity but tart hint of marzipan, and all the smoky, sweet flavors of baking spices. This is a truly unique blend that you likely won’t find anywhere else. With flavor like this, you might be inspired to try a recipe like Vietnamese Coffee Pudding, which transforms your coffee into a delectable dessert. Along with great taste, the beans are some of the highest quality available in the world. They are certified organic and are meticulously tested for toxins while they’re growing and after they’re harvested. The beans are then decaffeinated without chemicals using the mountain water process and ready to be ground and brewed for a revitalizing jolt without the jitters.


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