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With all the buzz surrounding “generative AI” in the tech world, perhaps you’re one of the estimated 100 million users of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot from OpenAI.
In fact, given this web-based chatbot only launched on Nov. 30, 2022, (as a prototype, no less), the quick and massive adoption of the platform cements it as the fastest-growing consumer application in history.
To be more precise, ChatGPT – which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer – is an “algorithmic AI chat system” trained on a colossal collection of internet-based resources, such as websites and documents, and can provide a human-like text response to queries.
If you haven’t yet dabbled with ChatGPT, it’s conversational, too, so you can keep the chat going and it remembers what proceeded your question or comment. It’s fast, free, and fun.
ChatGPT’s accuracy isn’t perfect, as you might expect, but surprisingly good given this technology is in its infancy. 
Whether you’re new to ChatGPT or have been using it for a couple of months, the following are a few things you can do with ChatGPT you might not have thought of. 
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“What’s one thing no one has asked you to do yet?” I asked ChatGPT.
“As an AI language model, I have been asked a wide range of questions,” it began, “but one thing that no one has asked me to do yet is to write a full-length novel from scratch! 
Naturally, I asked it to write a novel for me, after giving it some parameters, such as making it about Boston in the late 17th century, about witches, and a young girl accused of being one. I asked for there to be a love interest, too, with a religious man no less and a mother with a deep secret.  
Here’s a sampling of the two chapters ChatGPT cranked out in one second for its book, “Shadows of Salem,” set in Boston in 1692. 
Chapter 1: Accused
Abigail knew that she was different from the other girls in her village. She had always been drawn to the mystical and supernatural, secretly practicing spells and incantations under the moonlight. But in Salem, where the fear of witches was rampant, such behavior was considered highly dangerous.
Chapter 2: Secrets
Samuel was a few years older than Abigail and had been a guiding force in her life. He had taken a special interest in her, sensing that she had a deep curiosity and intelligence that needed to be nurtured. Abigail had fallen in love with him, but she knew that their relationship could never be. As a devout Christian, Samuel would never be able to condone her interest in the supernatural.
“Good morning, Abigail,” Samuel said, his voice soft and reassuring. “Are you well?”
Wow, right? And it continued, of course, but often required me to type “continue” if it stopped.
ChatGPT can help, by dishing up recipes, cooking instructions and even themed dinner party suggestions.
Having fun with the site, I asked “What should I make my girlfriend for dinner. She’s vegetarian but doesn’t like pasta.”
ChatGPT replied: “There are plenty of delicious vegetarian dinner options that don’t involve pasta. Here are a few ideas:”
Among its suggestions was vegetarian stir fry served over rice or quinoa; Portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach, cheese, and breadcrumbs and baked until golden brown; and lentil and vegetable curry severed with rice or with naan bread.
I asked ChatGPT to help with a name for an app I was working on. I explained it lets people buy and sell used electronics, kind of like eBay, but only for tech and really good prices.
ChatGPT came up with seven names and offered a rationale for each including these: 
TechSwap: A simple and straightforward name that combines “tech” and “swap” to convey the core concept of buying and selling used electronics.
GadgetHive: This name combines the idea of a “hive” or community of tech enthusiasts with the word “gadget” to create a catchy and memorable name.
I liked all of the suggestions it offered – especially GadgetHive, which I think is quite catchy. I could even ask ChatGPT for a catchphrase for it. Incidentally, the app was hypothetical – there is none in the works – but now I’m liking the idea.
You can ask ChatGPT to create an interactive game to play.
It replied ‘Sure’ and asked a few questions:
“Do you prefer a fantasy adventure, a sci-fi adventure, a mystery adventure, or something else? Also, please let me know if you have any specific requirements or preferences for the adventure.”
I gave it some instructions and it came up with the Lost in the Future City, where you’re the earthling stranded on a distant planet, trying to get home. But the aliens will try to stop you. 
“You begin your journey in the heart of the city, surrounded by a crowd of alien beings. You feel overwhelmed by the sights and sounds around you, but you know you must keep moving if you want to get home. You can see a towering building in the distance that seems to be your destination. As you start to walk towards it, a group of people approaches you, looking suspicious.”
It gave three options: fight the group of people, try to talk to the group of people, or run away from the group of people
I chose to run. ChatGPT continued with another scenario and three more options. 
The game was OK, sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book when I was a kid.
Finally, while ChatGPT is a text-based AI engine that can’t speak or play music, you can still ask it to write notes or chords (and of course, lyrics) to a song for you, to play on an instrument or a website with a virtual piano.
For instance, I asked it to write a rock-country ballad, with accompanying piano chords, about loving someone who has a different political belief than I.
Verse 1:
I met her at a rally, a sea of red and blue
We talked about our differences, but our hearts felt so true
She’s a Republican, I’m a Democrat
But we found love in the midst of all that
Loving someone who’s on the other side
Can be tough, but we’ll take it in stride
We won’t let politics tear us apart
Our love is bigger than any red or blue heart
I think it came up with something pretty good in no time at all. I’d sing that song.
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