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Micro-producers in the Campo das Vertentes Region, Minas Gerais, sorting green coffee from ripe cherries on an African bed
“We couldn’t hold the prices down, otherwise we wouldn’t have the cash to invest in buying the new crop”
Luiz Eduardo Melo, Owner of Supernova Coffee Roasters
Coffee pickers in the mountains of Espírito Santo region, Espírito Santo State
“The production yield of arabica was jeopardised, but canephora (robusta) was not affected”
Aguinaldo Lima, Director of Institutional Relations of the Brazilian Instant Coffee Industries Association (ABICS)

“We had our first Regenerative Coffee Certification issued to Expocaccer associate Fernando Nogues Beloni, who put the Cerrado Mineiro region on the map and leads Brazil in this field,” she says.

Mariana Proença is an independent journalist and coffee specialist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Follow her at

K.J. Yeung is a Q-Grader and coffee photographer looking for the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect coffee shots. Working in the industry since 2013. Follow him on Instagram @kj.yeung

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