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The fourth season of ‘Virgin River’ is currently dominating Netflix’s Top 10 charts.
Here are the top ten movies and TV shows on Netflix NFLX in the United States for July 29, 2022. Each day, I will update this list and observe the trends that change from day to day, week to week.

The Gray Man continued its streak atop the rankings, nabbing its seventh straight day in the #1 spot. And since no new major movies are hitting Netflix this weekend, that streak will probably continue for at least a few more days—and possibly another week entirely. Netflix likely kept the schedule pretty open so its $200 million investment could get as much exposure as possible.
Past that, Sing 2 continues to completely own the charts. In the 37 consecutive days the film has appeared on the Top 10, it has never sunken lower than the fourth-place position. That run has included 12 days in first place and 14 days in second place (seven of which have occurred over the past seven days). Sing 2 has once again shown that animated movies have incredible longevity, as films like Despicable Me and The Angry Birds Movie 2 have dominated in the past.
Past that, both Recurrence (the second-most popular movie today) and Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl (#5 today) are enjoying their second day on the charts. They are the only new movies in a field of mainstays at this point.
Currently, the best Top 10 streak (besides Sing 2’s) belongs to The Man from Toronto, which has stretched its run to 35 consecutive days. The next longest streak belongs to The Sea Beast at 21 days, then 12 Strong at 19 days, then CHiPS at 16 days, then Persuasion at 14 days.

If there was any movie that would ruin Stranger Things’s historic run, it was Virgin River. That beloved series spent 34 days on the chart in 2020, and 44 more days in 2021. Then if you throw in the show’s current eight-day run in first place, that then adds up to 86 total days on the Top 10—which ranks near the top of any show on Netflix ever.
Surprisingly, however, Stranger Things wasn’t in second place—which means today is the first time the show fell to third place in its current 68-day run. Second place today belongs to Keep Breathing instead.
Of those 68 days, Stranger Things has held the first-place position for 47 of them. And while this likely signals a slow and gradual decline for the cult program, it’ll likely be a few more weeks before Stranger Things is gone from the charts. And if the show can hold on for at least 11 more days, then it’ll break the 78-day streak record shared by both The Queen’s Gambit and Squid Game.
Past that, there are several newcomers to the Top 10 this week, including The Most Hated Man on the Internet, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo. They are looking to make a mark in a crowded field of shows that have been constants for several days.
Outside of Stranger Things and Virgin River, the longest streaks belong to Alone at 25 days, Resident Evil at 15 days, All American: Homecoming at 15 days, and Alba at 13 days.


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