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Canada may withdraw vaccine mandate by the end of September.
By the end of September, Canada will probably no longer follow vaccine mandates for visitors, a government official familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. Foreign nationals must be immunised in order to enter Canada, same like the United States. It is currently unknown if the United States will take a comparable action by September 30. Travellers without vaccinations already need to pass mandatory entrance tests and endure a 14-day quarantine before being allowed entry into Canada.
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The removal of the vaccine requirement, according to infectious disease expert Dr. Andrew Morris, should have been done way back. According to him, there is no value to making sure individuals are immunised because it neither prevents cases nor variants from spreading. The Canadian Health Ministry has not issued any official comment.
Due to their lack of authority to speak in public about the situation, the official spoke on the condition of anonymity. The person stated that the requirement will likely be dropped along with the elimination of random COVID-19 testing at airports, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must still grant his final approval. Additionally, it won’t be necessary to fill out the ArriveCAN app anymore.
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If the Blue Jays enter the playoffs, unvaccinated professional athletes, including as baseball players in Major League Baseball, will be permitted to play in Toronto. They are currently prohibited from entering Canada over the border. The greatest applause Pierre Poilievre received from party members in Ottawa when he was introduced as the party’s leader was when he promised to scrap the ArriveCAN app.
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At the same time, Canada may also discontinue random coronavirus testing and make the use of its ArriveCAN app optional. Earlier, it was mandatory for travellers to upload proof of immunisation on the app. Over the summer, there were frequent cancellations and delays at Canadian airports, which some attribute to the nation’s stringent COVID-19 regulations.
(With agency inputs)
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