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HIROSHIMA – Britain and its allies have agreed to form an international task force to ensure that artificial intelligence is “trustworthy” and guard against the technology’s potential dangers.
At the G7 summit in Japan, the world’s largest wealthy democracies signed off on a plan to establish a global process for AI regulation by the end of this year.
It will target risks such as disinformation, copyright theft and “reponsible” use of the technology as it develops at a rapid pace.
As he travelled to Hiroshima for the summit, Rishi Sunak said that he wanted the UK to take the lead in establishing “guardrails” for AI, which some experts believe is potentially so dangerous it could threaten the future of humanity.
And in the official G7 communique issued on Saturday, the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US, Canada and the EU said they would address “potential gaps and fragmentation in global technology governance”.
They backed “the development of tools for trustworthy AI through multi-stakeholder international organisations” with common technical standards around the globe.
Ministers from all seven states will set up a new working group to establish a “Hiroshima AI process”, the G7 said, adding: “These discussions could include topics such as governance, safeguard of intellectual property rights including copy rights, promotion of transparency, response to foreign information manipulation, including disinformation, and responsible utilization of these technologies.”
The unexpectedly rapid development of tools such as ChatGPT has provoked a global reaction as scientists and politicians rush to ensure the technology does not spiral out of control.
China has put tight limits on AI within its borders but any global solution to the issues raised will need the co-operation of Beijing over time.
This week Mr Sunak said that AI growth “has to be done safely and securely and with guardrails in place”, in a marked change of tone compared to the UK Government’s previous emphasis on encouraging innovation.
A group of leading head teachers has issued an open letter warning of “very real and present hazards and dangers” around AI in schools and calling on the Government to ensure that large tech companies cannot develop their tools without effective regulation.
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