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18 September 2023
The application and priority service fee rises implement the Government’s announcement in July 2023. The date that the Immigration Health Surcharge is due to rise is still unknown, however the Home Office’s press release suggests this will be later in Autumn 2023.
We would suggest employers who sponsor workers should consider taking the following actions:
Some of the fee changes most likely to be of interest to employers are set out below.
Fee Type
Naturalisation: 1,250
Adult registration: 1,126
Naturalisation: 1,500
Adult registration: 1,351
See here for a full listing of amended fees.
Fees for priority processing will also change as set out below.
Entry clearance: 956
Entry clearance: 1,000
Entry clearance (non-settlement): 250
Entry clearance (non-settlement): 500
The ETA is not due for full roll-out until 2024, however applications for it will start to be made from 25 October 2023. Now that the £10 fee is known, employers can start to estimate potential budgetary impact based on the average number of visitors the business invites to the UK annually.
Policies should also be put in place covering when the business will cover ETA costs for visitors.
If you have queries about these changes, please get in touch with a member of our Immigration Team.

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