United Airlines resumes flights after ground stop amid tech issues – USA TODAY

If you’re flying United Airlines today, check your status.
All the carrier’s departures were temporarily grounded as the carrier worked through a tech issue. Departures have restarted, but delays are likely in the immediate aftermath.
“Earlier today a software update caused a widespread slowdown in United’s technology systems. We briefly held aircraft at their destination airports and resumed normal operations around 12:45 p.m. CT. Our teams are working to get customers to their destinations as soon as possible,” the airline said in a statement.
United also said that the issue lasted for about an hour and that it was investigating the cause, but had already ruled out a cybersecurity threat. The airline also emphasized that no flights that had already departed were affected by the issue when it occurred.
Technology in aviation has increasingly been under the microscope after a series of high-profile meltdowns in the last 12 months. In December, Southwest struggled to recover from severe weather, partly because it relied on an outdated crew scheduling system that got overwhelmed when thousands of flights were canceled.
Later in the winter, the entire national airspace shut down after a Federal Aviation Administration computer system that alerts pilots to hazards and other conditions on their flight path suffered a glitch.
With the FAA up for reauthorization in a few weeks, Congress has put renewed attention on funding upgrades to the national aviation network.
Zach Wichter is a travel reporter for USA TODAY based in New York. You can reach him at zwichter@usatoday.com


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