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Daily Coffee News Staff | May 25, 2023
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Estate ’98 coffee concentrate
Single-Origin Salvadoran Concentrate Estate ’98 Launches
Sixth-generation coffee farmers Andres and Jose Larin created a Kickstarter campaign to support the release of Estate ’98, a Salvadoran single-estate coffee concentrate. The 10x concentrate, which can be used for hot and cold drinks, is derived from Bourbon-variety coffees on the Larin family farm. As of this writing, the crowdfunding campaign has safely passed its $10,000 goal, raising more than $65,000 with 32 days to go.
Report: El Niño to Hit Robusta Coffee Harder than Arabica
Experts in a recent Reuters report say the forthcoming El Niño cycle will have a greater impact on robusta coffee than arabica, with the greatest production impacts felt in Vietnam. Production concerns drove robusta prices to a 15-year high on the C market this week.
Mahlkönig Adds US Distributors
German coffee grinder maker Mahlkönig has added two new United States distributors: California-based Puqpress-seller BaristaEquip; and New York-based Chris’ Coffee. Mahlkönig has also named new distributors in Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Spain, Moldova and Ukraine.
Students Want University of Washington To End Starbucks Partnership
Students, faculty and alumni at the University of Washington are calling for the university to not renew its contract with Starbucks over the coffee giant’s alleged union busting activities, KNKX reports. Starbucks has been under scrutiny for its labor practices since individual store unionizations began in 2021.
Actor James Cromwell Speaks Out Against Starbucks Milk Charges
“Succession” actor James Cromwell led a campaign calling on Starbucks to stop up-charging customers for non-dairy milks. The actor’s visage appeared in a series of messages on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey, as part of a PETA campaign.
Golden Horn Group Acquires Nine Dunkin Shops
Global franchise operator Golden Horn Group has acquired nine Dunkin coffee shop locations in Massachusetts for $18 million. The acquisition is the first step in the franchisee’s plan to add 150 Dunkin outlets within five years. There are currently more than 13,000 Dunkin locations worldwide.
Meet the Speakers for SCA’s First Educator Summit 
The inaugural Educator Summit from the Specialty Coffee Association — taking place in Busan, South Korea on May 31 and June 1 — will feature numerous speakers: Peter Giuliano and Mario Fernández-Alduenda will discuss the evolved SCA cupping system; Chelsea Dubay will go over updates to SCA course materials; and Nancy Cordoba will present findings from research into coffee sweetness.
SEI: Climate Field Schools Help Coffee Farmers in Indonesia
A program involving “Climate Field Schools” in Indonesia has helped small-scale coffee farmers develop skills and techniques to deal with the current effects of climate change, according to new insight from the Stockholm Environmental Insight (SEI) Asia branch. The schools are promoting ecosystem-based adaptation measures.
Panera Brands Appoints New CEO, Signals IPO
José Alberto Dueñas will take over as CEO of Panera Brands Inc., signaling a move towards an initial public offering (IPO). Current Panera Brands CEO Niren Chaudhary will be the new chairman. Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros. Bagels fall under Panera Brands Inc., which was acquired by JAB Holding Company in 2017.
Blackout Coffee Growing Into Bigger Facility
LaBelle, Florida-based roasting company Blackout Coffee has raised more than $1.7 million through a StartEngine campaign and will be moving to a larger, 35,000-square-foot facility. Founded in 2015, approximately a year after competitor Black Rifle Coffee Company, Blackout has been endorsed by political figures such as Donald Trump Jr. and Dan Bongino.
Intelligentsia Coffee Gearing Up for the Intelligentsia Cup
The Intelligentsia Cup is back for 2023, with Intelligentsia Coffee returning as the title sponsor. The event now constitutes the largest road bike racing series in the country. The 2023 series will run July 21-30, with elite and amateur riders cycling in and around Chicago.
Here are some of DCN’s top stories from the past week…
The wasp Phymastichus coffea. University of Hawai’i News service photo.
Hawaii Coffee Researchers Prepare to Unleash the Wasps
Thousands of tiny wasps will soon be unleashed in Hawaii as part of a collaborative effort to fend off one of coffee’s most persistent biological foes: the coffee berry borer… Read more
Coffee Crafters Kicks Off New Roaster Line with the Valenta-7
Fluid-bed coffee roaster maker Coffee Crafters has launched the Valenta-7, the first model in a new line of roasting equipment designed and built entirely in-house… Read more
South Carolina’s Methodical Coffee in Monumental New Manufactory
Meticulously quality-focused roaster and retailer Methodical Coffee has relocated its roasting operations into a massive new warehouse facility just north of its point of origin in Greenville… Read more
Portland’s Ratio Coffee Unveils its First Commercial Brewer, the Ratio Four+
At last month’s SCA Expo in its hometown of Portland, Oregon, coffee brewing equipment maker Ratio Coffee Machines revealed its first machine aimed squarely at the commercial market… Read more
Spokane Chain Wake Up Call Moves into Tri-Cities through Black Rock Acquisitions 
Spokane, Washington-based coffee chain Wake Up Call is now echoing throughout the state’s Tri-Cities region through the acquisition of more than a dozen Black Rock Coffee Bar locations… Read more
Coffee, Brought to You by Bees
Bees are crucial for producing many of our beloved foods and beverages. Coffee is one crop that benefits from bee pollination. Unfortunately, pollinator numbers are falling worldwide… Read more
Lavazza Opens Training Center in Downtown Chicago 
Italian coffee giant Lavazza last week opened a training center on the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago. Inside the 444 North Michigan Ave office building… Read more
Daily Coffee News Staff

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