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It’s giving 2023 Kim K.
Step aside coastal grandmother and cottagecore. TikTok has a new aesthetic to strive for, and it’s called vanilla girl. Right now, #VanillaGirl has over 416M views on TikTok with creators sharing everything from their Amazon finds to vanilla girl wardrobe essentials, but what is the vanilla girl aesthetic? Is it just an affinity for the color white, or is it more than that?
To understand the vanilla girl aesthetic, you have to know about the emergence of the clean girl aesthetic and the glazed doughnut trend that Hailey Bieber ushered into 2022. Both were known for being very minimalistic and simple with barely-there makeup lewks and nails that shined like a glaze taking over the FYP. They both fed into the vanilla girl aesthetic in a way.
Of course, minimalism is nothing new. As an art form, minimalism became popular in the 1960s, with basic geometric shapes front and center in art and decor. Eventually, minimalistic home decor became a go-to with Kim Kardashian’s all-white home being peak minimalism. When you think of her home, you may think of only the essential furniture, like a chair and couch, in white colors with barely any artwork on the walls, but the vanilla girl aesthetic on TikTok is so much more than that.
The vanilla girl aesthetic does lean heavily into minimalistic white and cream shades, but it’s more than just a color trend. According to Glamour, vanilla girl is all about luxury and comfort, making it simultaneously bougie but relaxing. TikToker @floradelavanilla describes the vanilla girl aesthetic as a calming way to escape when you’re at home after being overstimulated outside. Apparently, using words like “vanilla” and “clean” have brought @floradelavanilla to a more calming side of TikTok.
Of course, just like the clean beauty trend, vanilla girl aesthetic has seen some backlash, more specifically for its name. TikTokers like @simplysimone have called out the name “vanilla girl” as not being inclusive. And while the name may be a bit divisive, the idea of creating a cozy and luxe home for yourself to escape to after a busy day is something everyone can strive for. You just have to know what home decor to shop for to achieve the vanilla girl aesthetic.
HomeGoods expert Ursula Carmona predicted that micro-luxury would be a huge home decor trend of 2023, and it definitely fits into this vanilla girl trend. You can bring some of that luxury into your home through cozy decor like a fuzzy white throw blanket ($20, HomeGoods) or geometric candles ($10, HomeGoods). If you need some additional inspo, you can always turn to TikTok. In fact, this vanilla girl inspo video from TikToker @basics.aus1 shows different home decor ideas for a vanilla girl bedroom, like a wavy white mirror ($50, Etsy) and basic throw pillows ($20, Etsy). TikToker @nabela’s #PocketsOfPeace series is full of ideas for you to create a home that’s not only peaceful but also Insta-worthy.
For your vanity or desk, keep it simple like TikToker @leticias.lifestyle.x. After all, you don’t want to overstimulate yourself with a lot of clutter. Choose one statement decor spot on your desk with your go-to products and a simple neutral vase full of Pampas grass ($20, Michaels). For your window, @floradelavanilla suggests keeping it simple and ethereal with sheer curtains ($25, HomeGoods) and rainbow window stickers ($10, Amazon). It also wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some home products Kim Kardashian uses for a cozy and bougie home. After all, living like a Kardashian is the definition of living that luxe life.
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