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Gunther the German shepherd is used to making headlines; it comes with the territory of being the world's wealthiest dog.
The canine received his fortunes from the late German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein, who died in 1992 and willed her entire fortune to her beloved German shepherd — at that time, Gunther III.
The trust established for Gunther from the millions left behind by Leibenstein goes towards continuing Gunther's bloodline and extravagantly caring for all the dogs in it. The current beneficiary of the trust, reportedly now worth over $400 million, is Gunther VI.
The unbelievable true story behind Gunther’s wealth and the astounding lifestyle it has created for the dog was recently documented in the Netflix series Gunther’s Millions.
"We've received so many reactions it is quite overwhelming. But overall, most people couldn't believe how many twists and turns there are in the series," Maurizio Mian, Gunther's caretaker, featured prominently in Gunther's Millions, tells PEOPLE of the reactions to the show.
"The filmmakers at Nobo Productions have done a great job at putting these past 30 years into a four-part series, and it's not an easy task! I'd say my favorite reaction is when people ask me if they can take their female dog on a date with Gunther!" he adds.
Part of that history includes Gunther's foray into pop music, which involved forming Gunther's Group and releasing the song "Wild Dog."
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"Wild Dog is one of my favorite memories. We wanted Gunther to become a pop star, to sing (mostly bark), to make an album," Mian says.
Another one of Gunther’s head-turning adventures documented in Gunther’s Millions is the pooch’s purchase of Madonna’s former Miami mansion, which the dog’s trust sold in 2022. But the German shepherd isn’t done exploring the world of celebrity real estate. Mian tells PEOPLE the dog now has a new piece of famous property in mind.
“Gunther made an offer to buy Nicolas Cage’s island, which is located in the Exumas, the most prestigious part of the Bahamas. Gunther has had his eyes (or paws) on the island for quite a while now,” Mian says of the property, which Cage reportedly purchased in 2006.
Gunther's caretaker adds that the island would help service the dog's growing business goals, which include building an animal sanctuary and supporting animal welfare initiatives.
To learn more about Gunther and his riches, watch Gunther's Millions, now streaming on Netflix.
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